Solid Waste Management


  Thirupathur Municipality comprises of 36 wards with a population of 83612 as per 2011 census.  The current population on 2018 is 90615.  It consists of 16750 residential house holds with 1982 commercial establishments.  The town is spread over an area of 9.79

  • The wet waste are collected at the Door step of all houses every day
  • The dry waste is being collected once in a week   i.e. Wednesday
  • The Domestic Hazardous wastes such as Napkin, Diaper are collected along with wet waste in separate.
  • E waste, other domestic Hazardous waste and C & D waste collection is to be practiced.
  • Animators are involved in imparting the practice of Source segregation among household through Behavioral change.

% of Door to Door collection & Source Segregation

Waste Generation
30 TPD
Door to Door Collection %
Source segregation %


    Thirupathur Municipality generates a total of 30MT of solid waste per day with per capita generation of 300 g/day.  The Sources and types of waste were obtained by the conducting random sample survey in three different areas namely, Residential, Commercial & Slums at three different occasions viz.  Week days, holidays and festival occasions and the result is illustrated as given below.

Source of waste No. of HH/Assessment Per Capital waste generation (in grams) Waste Generation in TPD Inert waste & silt (TPD) Total waste Generated in TPD
Wet waste Dry waste Total
Domestic 16750 300 16.00 6.00 22.00  




Commercial 1970 1.00 2.00 3.00
BWG 12 1.00 1.00 2.00
Total 18722 300 18.00 9.00 27.00


  • BOVs (Battery Vehicles) are used at 400 HH/Vehicles/day (covering 3 Trips)
  • LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles) are used at 1200HH/Vehicles/day (covering 3 Trips)
  • Primary collection at door steps is being done and wastes collected are directly transported to processing centres.  This is being done using
  • 36 BOVs and 6 LCVs for 16750 Households
  • 2 Tipper Lorries for 1982 Commercial establishments
  • Secondary collection and Transportation is fully achieved.
  • I Tipper lorry for Market waste and 1 Tipper lorry for C & D waste collection
  • 12 BWGs have been identified in Thirupathur Municipalilty comprising of 11 Hotels, I Educational Institution
  • Register related to the BWG are being maintained as per the guidelines provided in the SWM Rule 2016 and CPHEEO manual.
  • Total waste generated by BWGS of about 2 TPD is being handled by the BWGs themselves with the establishment of own facilities.  In this way about 7% of waste is reduced by the Municipality at the collection stage itself as per the provisions of SWM Rule 2016.


  • Partially handled, processed and converted as compost
  • Window composting center of 4 TPD processing capacity is established on Decentralized basis by dividing the town into 4 segments (covering 5 to 10 wards) in 4 Locations.
  • Saleable Dry wastes such as Recyclable plastic waste are sold to recyclers and the workers are permitted to share the monetary benefits.