Percentage of municipal area covered with Under Ground Drainage System Per Capita generation of waste water Number of House service Connections Monthly rate of sewerage charges (Domestic) Monthly rate of sewerage charges (Non Domestic) If any Under Ground Drainage System scheme is ongoing briefly indicate its status If ther is no Under Ground Drainage System,Number of septic tanks Quantity of sewerage pumped Quantity treated Method of treatment Source where treated water is disposed Organizational arrangement available to redress available to redress people’s grievances
<500sq.ft – Rs.75/- <500sq.ft – Rs.150/- Activated sludge process Venkalapuram Eri
500-1200sq.ft Rs.85/- 500-1200sq.ft Rs.225/-
1200-2400 sq.ft.Rs.95/- 1200-2400 sq.ft.Rs.285/-
>2400 sq.ft.Rs.105/- >2400 sq.ft.Rs.525/-