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Tirupattur town is situated at a distance of 87km South – West of Vellore and 216 kms South – West of Chennai. The Town is located on the western border of Vellore District. Tirupattur town is situated at 78 – 34” East Longitude and 12.20” North Latitude. The nearest Air port is Bangalore and nearest harboar is at Chennai. Cuddalore which is another port Town is situated at a distance of 193 kms South-West of Tirupattur by road. The general topography of the town is almost even with an average elevation of 384 meter above mean sea-level. The general terrin of the land can be said as sloping from North to south. The Elagiri Hill station is located at a distance of about 24 kms in North-East direction of the Town. Which is also called as poor-men Ooty.

Literacy Rate

Tirupattur Town has been enumerated as literates in 2001 census as against 73.39% registered in 1991 indicating a gradual increase. Among the literates in 2001 78.79% were males and 67.47% were females.

Town Profile

Tirupattur Town is surrounded by number of mills, Beedi factories and other small industries within the municipal area.

The Tirupattur town is having 56.059 km length of roads and the municipality is maintaining ‘B’ Grade Bus stand in its heart of the town. There is a century old municipal market having 413 shops which helps in promoting commercial and economic activities of the town.


The Tamil Nadu state Bus transport corporation is providing 85% of transport facilities to this town. Besides the bus facilities the southern Railway is providing train facilities through Tirupattur Railway Station which is a century old Railway Station. Train facilities are available to Chennai, Bangalore and also Southrn parts of Tamil Nadu from Tirupattur Railway Station.

Location of the town

Tirupattur town is located at distance of 85 KM from Vellore. This will be connected by district roads with near urban centers and has Railway Link Jolarpet junction situated at 8 km distance.

The strategic location of this town in such that the town acts as an “urban magnet” to radius of 20 to 25 km all-round. The urban settlement at Krishnagiri, Vaniyambadi, Ambur, Burgur, Natrampalli, Javathu Hills, Elagiri Hills tourist center is real by town and 200 villages are main depending this town for all their urban needs. This growth center dominates, whole sale agriculture production and Sandal Wood. The Urban Municipal town spreads over an extent of 4.66q.km this is a class-II town in Vellore District is based on population range floating population is increasing day by day. This municipality was constituted 1886 as Grade-III and the present status the municipality is 1st grade.

Transportation Linkages

The town is well connected, by the S.H.18, (Vaniyambadi – Salem with Tirupattur city, and a Major District road with Triuvanamalai, Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri town.


The maximum temperature during summer is 39°c and during winter it is 30°c. The minimum temperature varies from 24.5°c to 26.0°c. The mean humidity is 70.2%, which varies from 61.6% to 78.8%. The seasonal climate conditions are moderate and the weather is uniformly salubrious.

Rain Fall

The town gets major rainfall during the south west monsoon period. The Annual normal rainfall varies from 300 mm to 800 mm. The average annual rainfall being received in the town is 770 mm.

Nature of Soil

The major group of soils that are found in the town are black and red varieties. The red soil constitutes 90 percent while black soil only 10 percent.