Sewerage Existing Situation

Under Ground Sewage Scheme was sanctioned as per G.O. MS. No. 720 Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department Dated: 30.12.2000. At an  estimate cost of Rs.70.00 Crores, during the year 2007. It was commissioned and maintained by TWAD up to March 2015. TWAD handed over this UGSS system to the Corporation from April 2015. The maintenance work for the UGSS has been carried out by Private Contractor (VB Assosication). The Expentiture is 17.00 Lakhs per Mointh. The Total Estimated HSC is 30,000 sanctioned. So far 27889 connections are given. Sewerage treatment plant is located in samuthiram eri at an area of 42 acres. This treatment plant is designed for 28.05 MLD (ASP method). There are 5 Nos of Pumping Stations, 12 Nos of Lifting Stations, 10059 Nos of Manholes, 258.79 Km Length of UGD Sewer Line and 6.030 Km Length of Pumping Main are available. Monthly tariff for UGD Connection is Rs.75 and Rs.150 for domestic and commercial respectively. So far Annual demand generated is Rs.213.19 lakhs.