Public Disclosure


Sl.No Details of Information
1 Particulars of Corporation

(a) Formation of the Corporation

(b) Brief history

(c) Significant events/persons

(d) Characteristics and importance of the town including tourist attractions

     2 Directory

(a) Details of Mayor, Deputy-Mayor, Corporation Councillors  and Officers
(b) Party Position in Council

     3 Minutes of the meeting of the Council
     4 Citizen’s Charter
     5 Details of Land owned by or vested with the Corporation
     6 Service Level being Provided

(i) Water Supply

(ii) Sewerage

(iii) Street lights

(iv) Solid Waste Management

     7 Details of subsidy Programes

(i)Central Government Sponsored

(ii)State Government Sponsored

     8 Procedure for availing various services with fee details
      9 Details of Officers and Staff – For any specific grievances
     10 Particulars of ongoing works
    1 Annual budget  2019-2020
    2 Audited financial statements
    3 Particulars of the Master Plan, City Development Plan
    4 Publication of amendments to the Municipal Acts, Rules, bye-laws