About City

Chola Kings ruled Mannargudi. This town is known as ‘Koil mattrum Madil Nagaram’.

70 Tanks are in this town. Thanjavur is 38 kms from this town, Kumbakonam 38 kms, Tiruvarur 28 kms, Pattukottai 29 kms, Chennai 300 kms, Coimbatore 325kms, Madurai 250 kms, Trichy 90 kms, Velankanni 66 kms, Nagore 64 kms.

This Town is well connected to the above cities and towns by Road. One of the finest Mangroov forest is in Muthupettai which is 29 kms from this Town.

Vaduvur Lake which is a small Bird Sanctuary is 12 kms away from this town.

Temperature The maximum temperature during summer is between 30°c – 39°c.

Rain Fall

The town gets major rainfall during the north west monsoon period. The Annual normal rainfall is about 1100 mm to 1200 mm.

Nature of Soil

This town consists mainly of red ferruginous soil.