Solid Waste Management

There is no underground drainage system in the town. About 85% of house holds have been covered by individual flush out latrines and 15% is covered by public toilets.

The sanitation of this town is maintained with the use of sanitary workers. In 17 wards the Sanitary Work is Privatized. The public health section has one sanitary Officer, four Sanitary Inspectors, Six sanitary Supervisors, and one field Assistant. The Municipal Commissioner is the overall Supervisor for all the activities related to maintenance of Sanitation of this town.
The daily garbage generation is 26.00 MT.

Details of Solid Waste Management

Description of services Status

Total Solid Waste Generation/day (in MT)   26MT
Total Solid Waster Collection/day (in MT)   26MT
% of coverage 100
Frequency of collection Daily
No. of dustbins provided in the town     47
Per Capita Waste Generation (Grams)  310
Per Capita Waste Collection (Grams)    310

Details of Waste Composition
Waste Composition                                                 Quantity (MT)                                  % Generation
Households, petty Shops and establishments            17.65                                                 84
Vegetable, Fruit, Flower Market                                     1.00                                                 4.8
Meat, Fish and Slaughter House                                     1.00                                                 4.8
Construction                                                                        1.3                                                    6.4

Compost Yard 1 No. (8.25 Acres)
No.of Ward Door to Door Collection 1 to 33 Ward
Quantity of Garbage 26 MT (per day)
No.of Push Carts 47 Nos.
No.of Dumper Placer Bin 24 Nos.
No.of Vehicle  
Dumber Placer 1 Nos.
Tipper Lorry 4 Nos.
Compactor Lorry 1 Nos.
Jet Rodding Vehicle 0
Desiliting Vehicle 0
Skid steer Loader 0
Crawler Dozer 0
Street Sweeping 0
Mini Excavator 0