How to Reach

To reach Tenkasi
Transportation Linkages

By Air

The nearest air-port is Thoothukudi about 90 km away from Tenkasi.

By Road / Rail

Tenkasi is linked with Tirunelveli by State High ways road. It is linked with Quilon and Thirumangalam by National Highways road. Tenkasi is also linked with Quilon , Virudunagar and Tirunelveli by Railways The town is also linked with Madurai city by a brought gauge line.


The prevailing climate of this town is mostly pleasant. The temperature is about 30 C most of the months except during May and September. The temperature is little above 30 C during May and September.

Rain fall

Tenkasi is receiving rainfall during summer, Northwest monsoon and Northeast monsoon seasons. The annual average rainfall of Tenkasi is 2.86 mm. The wind velocity is mild in most of the months except July and August. The wind velocity is high during June to August. Tenkasi is a town getting bright sunlight during all the months of an year except on the days of rainfall.

Nature of Soil

Tenkasi town has predominantly red soil. The soil of the wet lands located in this town is mostly sandy loam. The rocky and hard soils are also found in certain places of this town.