Water Supply

Existing Situation

Present Water Supply System:-

The source of Water Supply is River Palar.  The Municipality is having a own water supply scheme with the Head works  located at Melachery which is 40Kms from Tambaram Town.   Tambaram is an UGSS Town and the percapita demand is 135 lpcd.  The water supply demand of the town is 23.60 MLD.

The Municipality is receiving a quantity of 13.10 MLD daily as detailed below.

Source Designed Quantity  “in MLD” Quantity received  “in MLD”
From River Palar 12.40 8.00
From Local Borewell, Hand pump, Mini power pump, Openwells 5.10
Total 12.40 13.10

Frequency of Water Supply

The 13.10 MLD of Water received is  distributed through 14 nos. of Over Head tanks having total Storage Capacity of 54.00 Lakh litres.

The frequency of water supply is Once in 3 days for a duration of  2 to  3 Hours

The per capita supply of water is 75 LPCD

Borewell Hand Pumps and Mini Power Pumps

In addition to the above, Municipality is maintaining borewells,  hand pump  and Mini power pumps with HDPE tank to supply  water for other domestic use.

Bore well Hand Pumps       – 387 nos

Mini Power pumps               – 140 nos

Open wells                              – 50 nos

Approximately  – 5.10 MLD of water is drawn and supplied to public.

Water supply through lorries

In order to supply water to uncovered  areas and elevated areas of the town, drinking water is supplied through 6 nos. Private tanker lorries on hire basis.

Ongoing Water Supply Improvement schemes

At present no water supply Improvement schemes is in progress.

In order to augument the source and Head works infrastructures  to supply water daily at the rate of  135 LPCD, a detailed project report has been prepared through Tamilnadu Urban Infrastructure Financial Services Limited (TNUIFSL) for Rs.248.60 Crore and Fund tie-up is yet to be made.

In the Detailed Project Report, the following Improvements/ Augmentation works are proposed.

  1. Augmentation of existing water supply sources at Melachery by providing additional 30 Borewells
  2. Construction of 1 lakh litre capacity Ground level sump 3 nos and erection of 30 motor
  3. Laying of pumping main for 40 Km length.
  4. Construction of New OHT’s – 8 nos.
  5. Laying of Distribution main in the town – 239.79 Km
  6. Providing House service connections – 27028 nos.
  7. Additional Quantity anticipated – 20 MLD