General Section


The Commissioner is the executive authority and the head of administration of Tambaram City Corporation. The Commissioner is assisted by the City Engineer, City Health Officer, Assistant Commissioners of ward offices, Executive Engineer (Planning), Assistant Commissioner (Personnel), Assistant Commissioner (Revenue) and Assistant Commissioner (Accounts).

The personnel department looks after general administration of the Corporation including establishment matters such as appointments, transfers, pay and allowances, housing employee welfare schemes etc., correspondence with Government and other departments, public relations, redressal of public grievances, legal matters and lawsuits and all matters related to office administration. For administrative convenience, the Corporation has been divided into Five zones, namely

  •  Zone 1
  •  Zone 2
  •  Zone 3
  •  Zone 4
  • Zone 5

Each zone is headed by an Assistant Commissioners

Assistant Commissioners


Assistant Commissioner

Tmt Shakila

Assistant Commissioner

1 A. Rajkumar, Accountant (Class II)
2 Abdul Jamal Mannan Manager (Class IV)
3 Vacant Manager (Class IV)
4 N. Vijayalakshmi Manager (Class IV)
5 B. Veeramani Accountant (Class Iv)
6 S.Raju Superintendent
7 K.Saravanan Superintendent
8 P. Hemmalatha Superintendent
9 D. Gajendran Superintendent
10 R Hemamalini Superintendent
11 P. Suresh Superintendent
12 Dhanasekari Superintendent
13 M. Devakumar Superintendent
14 V. Muthukumar Assistant
15 C Geetha Assistant
16 L.Sakthivel Assistant
17 R. Sangeetha Assistant
18 T. Ankaiah  Assistant
19 P Subash Chandra Bose  Assistant
20 G. Raja  Assistant
21 Suguna  Assistant
22 Nagaraj  Assistant
23 Ponraj  Assistant
24 Amalarasi  Assistant
25 Lalitha Mary  Assistant
26 S.Abirameesawri Assistant
27 N.Kameshwaran  Assistant
28 M.Vignesh Assistant
29 S.Saritha Assistant
30 G. Dhanalakshmi Junior Assistant
31 R. Sangeetha Junior Assistant
32 S Venkatasamy Junior Assistant
33 Jain Arokia Suveetha Junior Assistant
34 Rajeswari Junior Assistant
35 Manickavasagam Junior Assistant
36 Lydia Selvakumari Junior Assistant
37 Jagan Junior Assistant
38 Premkumar Junior Assistant
39 Nandhini Devi Junior Assistant
40 Meenatchi Junior Assistant
41 Soloman Junior Assistant
42 Prabu Junior Assistant
43 A.J. Jaisankar Junior Assistant
44 Nancy Rani Junior Assistant
45 A. Dhanalakshmi Junior Assistant
46 J. Pangajam Junior Assistant
47 M. Vijayakumar Junior Assistant
48 Anand Junior Assistant
49 R. Muthukumar Junior Assistant
50 R.Saravanrao Junior Assistant
51 S. Santhosh Junior Assistant
52 S. Kaliamurthy Junior Assistant
53 Ravichandran Junior Assistant
54 R.Kishore Raga Priyan Junior Assistant
55 K. Kumaran Junior Assistant
56 S. Venkatraman Junior Assistant
57 R. Murali Junior Assistant
58 Thangam Junior Assistant
59 Srinivasan Junior Assistant
60 Vacant Typist
61 Anbazhagan Typist
62 M. Dhanasekar Record Clerk
63 Ilaiyaraja Record Clerk
64 Annapoorani Record Clerk
65 Suresh Record Clerk
66 S. Parthiban Office Assistant
67 M. Moorthy Office Assistant
68 R. Anandababu Office Assistant
69 Veeramani Office Assistant
70 M. Ramachandran Office Assistant
71 R. Boopalan Office Assistant
72 Devi Office Assistant
73 T.K.S. Neethipathi Office Assistant
74 Rajesh Office Assistant
75 Babu Office Assistant
76 Jayaraman Office Assistant
77 Ravi Office Assistant
78 Elumalai Office Assistant
79 Manivannan Office Assistant
80 R. Sridhar Night Watchman
81 D. Sathish Night Watchman
82 S. Gokulakrishnan Night Watchman
1 P. Prabhu Public Relation Officer