General Section

Sivagangai Municipality is the First Grade Municipality.  Manager is the head of Administration next to Commissioner in the branch of General Administration, and he is responsible for general supervision and Administration of Office.  All Establishment matters dealt with the General Administration.

Sl.No. UTIS No. Name of the Staff Designation/Seat
1 6190085 P. Rajeswaran Manager
2 6081032 S. Balakrishnan Assistant (Accountant )
3 Nilaikannan Noon Meal Assistant &  C1)
4 2111008 D. Boominathan Junior Assistant (B2, C4 & E2 )
5 5061005 T. Sundaramahalingam Junior Assistant (E1)
6 2112006 Ramachandran Junior Assistant ( H1 )
7 6111012 M. Rasika Junior Assistant (A1  & Non tax )
8 2111012 P. Amutha Record Clerk(CFC Operator & Cashier)
9 2111015 V. Karthikeyasamy Record Clerk
10 2111016 G.Karunanidhi Office Assistant
11 2111017 K.Arunachalam Office Assistant
12 2111019 K. Prabhu Office Assistant
13 2111018 S.Rajendran Night Watchman
14 P. Thangaraj Junior Assistant


















Accounts Section

The Accounts Section is included in General Section. The Accountant is the Head of the wing and

controlling Financial matters. It involves into preparation of Budget discipline. As well as look after

the Accrual based Accounting system.