Sewerage Existing Situation

There is no under ground drainage system in Sirkali Municipality.

Sirkali Municipality having insufficient sewerage drain. Nature of the Town is same leveling. Maximum drainage water is mixed with PWD cultivation channel. Its causes of channel water has been polluted. It takes remedy only by implementation of Under Ground Drainage scheme.

In adoption of Under Ground Drainage scheme in the Town may be estimated of Rs. 16.00 crore including with purchasing of lands. Tamilnadu Water and Drainage board instructed, to remit Rs. 13.00 lakhs for inspection and estimation charges and required 4 places for pumping station having each of 1 Acre per place of total 4 Acres land, required 10 Acre of land for Treatment plant in out the Town limit.

This Town is a 2nd Grade Municipality. This Municipality has not avail General Fund for this scheme execution. Hence this Municipality requested as Full Grant for implementation of this scheme.