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Sirkali  Municipality was constituted as  Municipality from 1.10.1972 as per G.O. M.S. no.2086. R.D & L.A dated 29.9.1972 and subsequently upgraded as SECOND  grade Municipality as per G.O.M.S.no 1191 R.D & L.A dt 2.8.1980. Now Sirkali Municipality is a Second Grade Municipality in Nagapattinam District Now in Mayiladuthurai District . The population of the town as 2011 census is 34880. The area of the town is 13.21 sq.km.

About Town

Sirkali is an ancient and famous pilgrim centre. Sirkali is the Birth Place of Thiruganasambanda moorthi nayanar. Sri sattanathar temple is located at the middle of the town and also so many temples of Vaishnava & Saiva are located in and around this town and attract most of pilgrims and now it is improving as a famous pilgrim centre.The “ Nava graga”(Planets) temples are located in and around this town.

The Southern Railway crosses across the town and lines Madras and Rameshwaram. Three Express Trains , Fast passenger trains and Passenger trains are crossing in this town and linking Kumbakonam , Rameshwaram , Tirupathy , Madras and other historical and ancient pilgrim centres.

By Roadways Sirkali lies in between Chidambaram and Mayiladuthurai. They are 20 kms away from this Muncipality. The improvement made of the municipality is only Agriculture. Hence Sirkali is the developing town in Nagapattinam district when compared to other two Municipalities.

About Municipality :

Sirkali  Municipality  was setup as a municipality in 1972 and it was  upgraded as a Second grade municipality in Mayiladuthurai district of Tamilnadu .Sirkali is a part of Cauveri delta region and agriculture is the main occupation of the people.


Location :  It is located 13 kms from the coast of Bay of Bengal  and 250 km from the state of  capital Chennai. It is connected with near by Tiruvarur district and Nagapattinam district. It has a good public transport and Railways. Roads are the main means of transportation . Town has 51.47 kms of District roads including a National Highway.

The latitude of Sirkali, Tamil Nadu, India is 11.239088, and the longitude is 79.736122. Sirkali, Tamil Nadu, India is located at India country in the Towns place category with the gps coordinates of 11° 14′ 20.7168” N and 79° 44′ 10.0392” E.

Temples :

Sirkali  is a Gateway of Nava Graha ( Nine planets) Temples.

The Bhramha pureeshwarar temple , also  called  Sattainathar swamy  Temple , is an ancient ancient  temple complex dedicated to Shiva , and has three Shiva shrines.

There is a separate shrine for sambandar celebrating  the miracle of parvathi  sucking the child sambandhar when he was crying for milk.

Shiva is worshipped in three different forms : The Shivalingam (Bhramhapureeshwarar) , Uma Maheswarar (Toniappar) at the middle level and Pairavar (Sattanathar) at the upper level.

Every year in the Tamil month of Chithirai “THIRUMULAIPAAL URSAVAM” ,  10 days festival celebrated.

Kazheesirama Vinnagaram or Tadalan Kovil or Tiruvikrama Perumal Temple is a temple dedicated to Vishnu located in Sirkali.

Sri Oosai Nayaki amman Udayaurai Thalapurishwarar temple located in Thirukolakka Sirkali

Sri Nageeswara mudaiyar temple (Adhi Raghu  ) located in Bazzar side of Sirkali.

Cultural Heritage :

 Tamil isai moovar  namely , Arunachala Kavirayar (1711-1778) , Muthu thandava rayar (1525-1600) and Marimutha Pillai (1712-1787) originated from Sirkali .

 Padma shri Sirkali Govindarajan , a leading vocalist in Karnatic Music and a Play back singer  for Tamil Cinema and Devotional  songs  was also born in Sirkali.

 Freedom Fighter :

Neela kanda sastri  freedom fighter birth place in Sirkali.

 World familiar Person :

Father of the library S.R.Renganathan birth place in Sirkali.

Tourist spot in and around Sirkali :

 Navagraha temples , Vaitheeswarankoil , Poombukar  ,  Nangoor (Vainava divya Desangal ) , Annanperumalkoil , Thirunagari , Thirukkadaiyur ,  Tharangampadi , Chidambaram , Pitchavaram

Town  profile :

Name  of the Municipality Sirkali
Grade II (Second)
Region Thanjavur
Assembley Code 160- Sirkali
Parliament Constituency code 29- Mayiladuthurai
District Mayiladuthurai
Office Address Kamarajar Street
Office Phone no 04364-270566
e-Mail ID commr.sirkazhi@tn.gov.in
Population(Census 20211) 34880
Male 17217
Female 17663
Literacy level 75 %
Area in Sq Km 13.21
No of Wards 24
No streets in ULB 230
Length of street 53.098
B T road 39.183
CC road 13.915
Length of water mains in KM 48.688
Length of Open drains in KM 13.360
Length of Sewerage (UGD) NIL
No of public fountains 66
No of Water Supply connections 1703
No of Property tax assessed houses 9341
No of Profession tax assessed 971
No of OHT 1 ( 12 .00 Lakhs litres)
No of Mini OHT 5 (0.30 Lakh litres)
Water supply Daily LPCD 74
No of  Schools 23
No of Municipal School 9
No of Parks 3