Bus Stand


Sholingar Bustand situated at Walaja Road, which serves to public,  with all necessary basic requirments.

Improvement to Bus Stand with  Estimate Amount: Rs. 97.51 Lakhs


Sholinghur Town  is one of the important town t in vellore District and also it is an Hertitage town city. This Town  having a population of as per 2011 cencese is 30856 and the present population 2018 is 33900. The floating population of 5000/day. This Bus stand is “C” Having 10 Nos of Bus Bays and Damaged cement concrete runway, constructed @1994 about the area is 4147sq.m., Approximately 120 buses are in and out form this Busstand.     In Bus stand premises 21 commercial shops, One Pay and use Toilet, Cycle Stand, Disabled Toilet, Mother Feeding Lactating room were constructed.


In the month of November to January Huge Number of Devotees are Coming to     Sri Lakshmi Narasimma swamy and Sri Yoga Anjaneyar swamy Temple.

In this Town Main Junction of Way to North of Thirutani, West of chittoor, East of Arakkonam and South of Walajah Pet, Vellore. Surrounding Village Peoples and Number of workers & staffs are coming for working at Factories and other Activities.

The damaged cement Concrete runway surface is inconvenient to Driving the bus and during Raining water stagnated in the Damaged portion, it is inconvenient to public movements and traffic. So providing the bus in the run way surface newly after dismantling and removing existing Concrete surface

The Inner side Strom Water Drain was Damaged so water is stagnated in the drain. It is Producer odour and it will caused to communicable disease. So New Covered Strom Water Drain constructing all Round Inside the bus stand. Hence the proposal need to the Sholinghur Town .


Providing Cement concrete pavement and storm water drain at sholinghur  Bus stand. (Pavement length 79.50×58.00m) (Drain 214m)

Benefits                                    :  5000 People of Town Area and around 30 village

Agency For execution           :     Sholinghar Municipality