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Arulmigu Thirumalaikumaraswamy Thirukkoil Panpozhi

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  • It is believed that Kaviaramalai, a place ruled by feudal ruler of Sangam Age, Aiy Andiran is this place
  • Saint Arunagirinadhar praised this shrine in his hymns.
  • It has become a place of tourism attraction now-a-days, as it is surrounded by Western Ghats and with road approach atop the hillock.

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Courtallam is situated at the Western Ghats in Tenkasi District. The famous waterfalls on rocks and tiny droplets are sprinkled in the air. The water falls of Courtallam have medicinal value as they run through forest and herbs before their decent. The Courtallam is called as ‘Spa’ of South India.

There are Seven different falls of Courtallam Details given below:

  1. Main Falls
  2. Small Falls (Citharuvi)
  3. Five Falls (Iyentharuvi)
  4. Tiger Falls (Puliyaruvi)
  5. Old Courtallam Falls (Palaiya Courtallam)
  6. SenbahaDevi Falls (Senbakadavi)
  7. Honey Falls (Theanaruvi)

Peraruvi (main falls) the biggest falls in Courtallam, is about 60m high. The flow of water is interrupted by the Pongumakadal, a 19m deep crater and comes down with greatly reduced impact, making a bath safe. In Chitraruvi (small falls), the flow is thin. Here naturally separate places for men and women are there to bathe. At Shenbagadevi falls, the water flows through shenbaga (Michaelia champak) trees. There is also a temple there, dedicated to Shenbagadevi Amman. Shenbagadevi leads to Chitraruvi. About 3 km from this is Thenaruvi (honey falls), 40m high and cascading between two large stones. In places where there is no water, one sees big honeycombs. Thenaruvi is very dangerous and it is restricted for public. But it is very common to see people visiting and bathing in Thenaruvi. Aintharuvi (five falls) has five separate cascades of water form this waterfalls. From the orchard above flows Pazhathotta Aruvi, the ‘VIP falls’. Only VIP’s are allowed in Pazhathotta Aruvi.

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  • Courtallam Five Falls
  • Five Falls
  • Main Falls

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Air port Vagaikulam of Thoothukudi District (110 KMS) and 104 KM From Trivendrum Air port

By Train

About 8 kms by road from Sengottai railway station

By Road

Frequently  Bus Services are available from Sengottai to Courtallam and there after to Courtalam