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Sengottai (also known as Shencottah or Shenkottai Tamil – செங்கோட்டை) is a town in the Tenkasi district, of Tamil Nadu, India. It is the gateway to southern Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Spread over an area of 2.68 km2 with a population of over 26,823, the economy of the town revolves around the cultivation of rice.



Sengottai was originally part of the Travancore Kingdom. In December 1851, the boundary between Tirunelveli and Travancore on the Sengottai side was clearly defined as proposed by General Cullen as early as 1846, and finally sanctioned by the Madras Government. Sengottai Municipality was constituted in 1921. In 1949, Sengottai was part of the newly formed state of Travancore-Cochin. The States Reorganisation Act, 1956 came into effect from 1 November 1956, and consequently, the Tamil-speaking area of Sengottai taluk of Quilon district were transferred from Travancore-Cochin to Tirunelveli district of Madras State. Sengottai was reclassified from a Grade III municipality to a Grade II municipality as per G.O. No.85 dated 22 May 1998.

Sengottai Municipality constituted in 1921.
It was added Tamil Nadu state Government from
Travancore Samasthanam, Kerala State from 1.11.1956.
It was revised from III grade to II grade as per G.O. No.85 dated 22.5.98


Located in the Tenkasi district of the state, Sengottai is one of the most important agricultural centers of Tamil Nadu. The town is situated at a distance of 668 kms to the South of Chennai. The town is situated at a distance of 110 kms to north east of Trivendrum.

River Chittar originating from the Western Ghats and flowing through the city center in the easterly direction and the Western Ghats on the near west, are the major geographical features of this region.

Spread over an area of 2.68 sq. kms.. With a population of over 26,823 the economy of the town revolves around the cultivation of rice.