Water Supply

Name of Municipality/Grade Sathiyamangalam Municipality (First Grade)
Area 29.24 Sq.Km
Population as per 2011 census 37816
Water supply Schemes Maintained by Local Body   Two Schemes 1966, 1996
Source Bhavani River
Name of Local Reservoir Installed Capacity(ML) Quantity Produced(MLD) Quantity Supplied (MLD)
 Rangasamudram 7.75   Lakhs Lit 1.00 MLD 1.00 MLD
 Kottuveerampalayam  10.00 Lakhs Lit  1.50 MLD  1.50 MLD
 Thiruvalluvar thidal  15.00 Lakhs Lit  1.80MLD  1.80MLD
Treatment and Transmission.


Municipality have 3 Nos. of  Head Works, which is located at Rangasamudram ,  Kottuveerampalayam. Rangasamudram
Water Quality The  first process is  with Aerator in the Raw Water, Bleaching Mixing is added there after  water Quality is maintained properly.
Storage and Distribution System


 Rangasamudram 7.75 Lakhs Lit
 Kottuveerampalayam 10.00 Lakhs Lit
 ThiruvalluvarThidal 15.00 Lakhs Lit
32.72 Lakhs Lit
Distribution Network
Water supply distribution system made four zones namely Bazaar street, Rangasamudram, Agraharam and Kottuveerampalayam
No.of Power pumps 101
No.of Hand pumps 5
Service Connections Deposit Amount Monthly charge No.of Water connection
Domestic 3000 110 5964
Commercial 7000 310 275
Industrial 7000 310 0
  Total 6239