Important G.Os and Notifications

Date Details Size
Finance(Loans and Advance cell)
loan and adv go no 69
20.09.2019 Town Planning Building Plan Permission Circular dated 20.09.2019 1.75 MB
31.01.2020 Tamilnadu Combined Development and Building Rule 2019 

(G.O.(Ms) No. 16 Dated 31.01.2020)

16.2 MB

Waiver of payment of lease /rental amount for the lock down period from 01-04-2020 to 01-05-2020 G.O NO 298  DATED 02-09-2020

19-02-2021 Election-printing and supply of election material -tender process- order issued

G.O.NO83  19-02-2021go83 election

24-02-2021 Time bound promotion with pay hike- Medical staff

go8824-2-21 time bound prom medical service