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Municipal Office, Ranipet

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About Municipality

  Ranipet Municipality was constituted in the year 1959 and was subsequently upgraded as Third Grade Municipality from 01.04.1959 vide G.O.No.724. Upgraded as Second Grade Municipality in the year 1978.  First Grade Municipality from 22-05-1998 and Selection Grade Municipality from 22-11-2008.  It has a population of 50764 (2011 census) and an extent of 8.52 Sq. Km., The town is divided into  30 wards.

The Municipal Council comprising of 30 Ward Councilors.  Ward Councilors is headed by Chairman,  the Councilors elected a Chairman and Vice-Chairman among them.

The executive wing is headed by a Commissioner and he is assisted by a team of officials like Municipal Engineer, Municipal Sanitary Officer, Town Planning Inspector, Manager, Revenue Inspector, Assistant Programmer and other staff.

Date of Constitution as Third Grade Municipality    :   01.04.1959,G.O.No.724, dated 01-04-1959

Up gradation as Second Grade Municipality            :   01-10-1978,  G.O.No.1546,  dated: 01-10-1978

Up gradation as First Grade Municipality                :   22-05-1998 G.O.No.85,  dated: 22-05-1998

Up gradation as Selection Grade Municipality         :   22-11-2008, G.O.No.238, dated: 22-11-2008


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Contact Address

Mr. P.  EGARAJ, B.A.,
Municipal Commissioner,
Municipal  Office,
No.1,  Railway Station Road,
Ranipet – 632 401, Ranipet District.

Phone : 04172-272502
Email   : commr[dot]ranipet@tn[dot]gov[dot]in

From 25.11.2021 AN




The new website has been created by incorporating All municipalities and Corporations across Tamilnadu, except Chennai by providing facilities pay tax for asset, drinking water, housing, sewerage and lease categories, and providing birth certificates on-line.

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Municipality at a Glance

  • General
    District  : Ranipet District
    Region   : Vellore Region
    State       : TamilNadu
  • Area     : 8.52 Sq. Km
  • Population
    Total     : 50764(2011 Census)
    Male      : 24278
    Female : 26486



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