Important Government Orders and Notifications


GO Number Date Abstract Download
G.O.(Ms) No. 10 23-01-2023 Establishment – Municipal Administration – Delimitation of posts according to the levels of Municipalities and creation of new posts accordingly and regularization of existing posts – Ordinance issued.
G.O.(Ms) No. 16 31-01-2020 Rules – The Tamil Nadu Combined Development and Building Rules 2019- Amendment to Rules Order – Issued.
G.O.(Ms) No. 150 19-11-2019 Property Tax  – General Revision of Property Tax -Constitution of a Committee to examine the representations for the General Revision of Property Tax and withholding the existing Revision of Property Tax – Order issued.
G.O.(Ms) No. 126 28-11-2018 Department of Municipal Administration and Drinking Water Supply (MA2) – Provision of drinking water connections and sewerage connections to all households in all corporations and municipalities in Tamil Nadu – Order issued
G.O.(Ms) No. 76 26-07-2018 Property Tax  – General Revision of Property Tax In the Uran Local Bodies – Orders issued in G.O(Ms) No : 73 Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department Dated : 19-07-2018 – Amendment to the Government Order – Issued
G.O.(Ms) No. 73 19-07-2018 Property Tax  – General Revision of Property Tax In the Greater Chennai Corporation / Municipal Corporation / Municipalities and Town Panchayats – Order Issued.
G.O.(Ms) No. 30 13-02-2013 Establishment – Muicipal Administration – Certain Municipalites Upgraded – Creation of Certain Posts – Orders – Issued
G.O.(Ms) No. 154
09-08-2010 Municipalities – Classification of Municipalities – Classification of 36 Third Grade Municipalities into various Grades – Orders – Issued.


Ref. No. Date Subject/Sector Details  
12369/B4/2020, Dated:26.08.2020 26-Aug-20 Health New Health Insurance Scheme for Employees inclusion of Critical & Non-Critical Care -Covid-19
Circular No.28880/2018/TP3 05-Aug-20 Town Planning Circular on collection of BL Fee  
Circular No.6904/2020/CP 20-Jun-20 Electricity Planning permission for establishment of sub-station by TANGEDCO/TANTRANSCO  
Circular No.31917/2020/TP2 17-Jun-20 Town Planning Building fee committee  
8742/FR/2020,Dt:15.06.2020 15-Jun-20 Establishment FR-Fixation of pay under FR-22 B  
13769/2020/G2, Date:30.05.2020 30-May-20 Establishment Loans to the Government Servants  
Circular No.31159/2018/TP3 05-Mar-20 Town Planning TNCD&BR- Instructions for issue of Building Plan & Planing Approval-Reg.  
Circular No.2611/2018/TP2 13-Jan-20 Town Planning Removable of Water bodies  
Circular No.22660/2018/TP4 25-Sep-19 Town Planning Building Plan Approval collection of scrutiny fee  
Circular No.28880/2019/TP3 20-Sep-19 Town Planning Quick approval of Building Plan for square feet 1200.  
Circular No.18342/2019/TP2 07-Sep-19 Town Planning Removal of Auto Stand- Auto- Taxi-Regarding  
Lr.29828/2018/J3 07-Aug-19 Establishment Sanitary workers outsourcing-Implementation of Bio-Metric  
Circular No.22660/2019/TP3 03-Jun-19 Town Planning Single Window-Inspection report to be updated in 48 hrs  
Circular No.50977/2018/TP3 07-Mar-19 Town Planning Building Plan Approval-Appointment of professionals  
Circular No.31982/2018/TP3 10-Dec-18 Town Planning Regularization of Real Estate Project with RERA
Circular No.31159/2018/TP3 03-Dec-18 Town Planning TNHB- Instructions for construction of Building in ULBs’ area-Reg  
Circulars No.11034/2018/TP1 20-Oct-18 Town Planning Hill area unauthorized  and deviation construction  
Circular No.28880/2018/TP3 27-Jun-18 Town Planning Inspection Procedure & Checklist to be published in Website  
Circulars No.60978/2018/TP3 23-May-18 Town Planning Circular – Development Charge – Reg  
Circular No.26250/2017/TP2 23-Nov-17 Town Planning Checking of structural Stability  
Circulars No.15940/2017/TP4 25-Jul-17 Town Planning Building plan time limit Circular  
Circular No.60978/2017/TP3 17-Jul-17 Town Planning Regularization unapproved layout  
Dengue Guideline 29-Jul-15 Health Guideline for prevention of Denque and Mosquito EliminationScan  
Circular No.11167/2015/TP2 13-Apr-15 Town Planning Right to fair compensation & Transparency in Land acquisition  
Circular No.29042/14/TP2 14-Oct-14 Town Planning  Circular- unauthorized construction – Reg  
Circular Roc No.481/2012/F3 16-Feb-12 Establishment Establishment-Filling of vacancy in Driver Post  
Circular Roc No.43971/99/J3 01-Oct-99 Establishment Establishment Committee-Public Health-Consolidated Workers