Storm Water Drains

The existing drainage condition of Ramanathapuram is open drainage system. There is a total, length of existing storm water drains is 114 KMs.

The present condition of storm water drains also carries the sullage and sewage water.

Municipal Storm Water Drainage System
There is no Under ground sewerage scheme in Ramanathapuram Municipality Waste is disposed off through open drainage system and pumping waste water through drainage pumping station and disposed sewerage water let in to waste land in tharavai. During raining season all the waste water is stacked in streets and cause unhygenic conditions to the public. Hence under ground sewerage scheme is proposed at on Estimate cost of Rs. 3000.03 lakhs


Existing Status

Drains Type
Open pucca/surfaced 90.00 KM
Kutcha/Unlines 24.00 KM
Total Drains (KMs) 114.00 KM
No Draingage facilities 12.00 KM
Total Road Length (KM) 63.27 KM

The information provided in the above Table indicates that nearly 90% of the roads are provided with storm water drainage facilities and the rest of 10% roads are not provided with drains, which are drained through available natural terrain condition. The observation relating to storm water drainage facility indicates inadequate planning and designing, as majority of the drains are provided in bits and pieces without any integration between the drains, this is due to the presence of scattered development and undulated terrain condition in Ramanathapuram town.