Administrative Sanction
Administrative Sanction was given vide G.O No: 408 (MAWS) dated 07-10-2005 at the Project Cost of 30.00 Crores
Revised Administrative Sanction was given vide G.O. No: 550 (MAWS) dated 31-12-2009 at Project Cost 31.51 Crores

The Under Ground Drainage scheme was inaugrauted by the Hon’able Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 06-11-2013

Sewerage Existing Situation

The  Under Ground Drainage system in Ramanathapuram Municipality is the main mode of individual disposal in the town is through Under Ground drains. A phenomenal 98% of the population have access to safe disposal systems.

Description Details
No. of Pumping Stations 5 Nos.
No. of Lifting Stations 2 Nos.
Sewer Line 64.382 KMs
Manholes 2160 Nos.
Length of Pumping Main 10.625 KM
House Service Connections sanctioned 10505 Nos.
House Service Connections given 10285 Nos.
Kalugoorani Village
Capacity & Technology 7.1 MLD & Modified ASP
Quantity of Water Treated @ STP 4.50 MLD Daily