Water Supply

Water Supply

Existing Situation
Water supply situation in Rajapalayam  is fully  satisfactory. Water is supplied once in three days regularly. Rajapalayam municipality has been provided with protected water supply system. The present water supply schemes were implemented utilizing the water from Mudangiar river at Ayyanarkovil in the western ghat through summer storage tanks.  The Summer Storage tank is   located at a distance of 11.00Km  away from the town respectively. At present  Rajapalayam municipality  supply 8.06 MLD of water in the town.Treatment and Transmission

The Water from various sources is transmitted to the treatment plants located at Summer Storage Tank . The Water is treated through primary treatment methods such as filtration and chlorination before distribution. The total length of transmission line including the raw water and treated water is 11.00 km, and the water is transmitted through gravity method from the source.

Tariff Rate :  Rs.50/- per month for  Residential and Rs.100/- for Non-residential

Storage and Distribution System

The current practice of water transmission and distribution indicate that the water is drawn through gravity method from the sources and transmitted to the Over Head Storage Tanks located at two places in the city Then the water is distributed for the local supply through individual service connections and public stand posts located at the various locations. Water is supplied through lorries in some areas where the municipal water supply distribution line is not available.

OHTs available : 7 Nos. 

House Service Connections.

At present, the Rajapalayam  Municipality has provided 28034 individual  connections, of which 98% connections are domestic and 2% connections are non-domestic connections.  In general, the protected water supply distribution system supplies water  at a rate of 72 Liters Per Capita Per Day (LPCD)

Distribution Network

The existing distribution system comprises of distribution network from the service reservoirs to the individual house service connections and public fountains/stand posts, to the length of 133.5 KM. At present, the water is distributed for duration of 2 hours in a normal day to cover different wards in the town.