General Section

Punjai Pulliampatti  Municipality is the 2nd  Grade Municipality.  Manager is the head of Administration

next to Commissioner in the branch of General Administration, and he is responsible for general supervision

and Administration of Office.  All Establishment matters dealt with the General Administration.

Serial No Name of the Officer Designation Contact Number Entrusted Responsibility
Office Land Line Mobile
1. Thiru. A.Syed Hussain Commissioner 04295-267061 7397392703 Overall responsibility for the municipal administration
2. Thiru. M. Senthilvel Manager 04295-267061 9488040296 General Responsible for  Office Administration & Establishment
3. Thiru. S.Rajiniseelan Assistant 04295-267061 9952359283 All Establishment and Election Related Works
4. Tmt. D. Jayanthi Junior Assistant 04295-267061 9444976429 All Tax Responsibility/ Accountant (I/C)
5. Thiru. P. Gowtham Junior Assistant 04295-267061 9942241153 Public Health Related Works
6. Thiru. P.Vigneshwaran Junior Assistant 04295-267061 9047115256 Amma Unavazham Related, GDP & CM Cell petition
7. Tmt. L. Revathi Record Clerk 04295-267061 Despatch and Record Maintenance.


Accounts Section

The Accounts Section is included in General Section. The Accountant is the Head of the wing and

controlling Financial matters. It involves into preparation of Budget discipline. As well as look after

the Accrual based Accounting system.