details of offciers

Sl.No Name of the Officer (Thiru/Tmt) Designation Contact Number E-mail/web Entrusted Responsibility
1 Vacant Municipal Commissioner Over all Administration
2 S. Suresh Municipal Engineer 9443120273 W0rks, UGD and Water Supply and Street Light
3 S Shunmugavel Manager 9994861664 OfficeAdministration
4 K. Vinothkannan OVerseer 8248988248 W0rks, UGD and Water Supply
5 T. Vairamani Revenue Inspector 9944794875 Taxation
6 K.Kaleeswari Townplanning Inspector 9047211705 Town Planning
7 Vacant Sanitary Officer
8 P. Venkatraman Sanitary Inspector 9865537070 Birth and Death, Sanitation
9 R. Eswaran Sanitary Inspector 9080834364 Birth and Death, Sanitation