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Puliangudi town is situated in between Tenkasi, Rajapalayam Tenkasi – Thirumangalam National Highways (NH – 208) It lies about 40 KMs North of Rajapalayam and 30 KMs South of Tenkasi .

This town also lies at the foot hill of the westem ghats and has gentle slope from west to east.

The area of the town is 55.166 Sq.Kms and the population in the year 2001 was 60142. Puliangudi Municipal area comprises of four revenue Villages Viz. Mela Puliangudi. Puliangudi. Chinthamani and Thirumalai Naicken Pudukudi.

The town in general is having a dry climate except the monsoon periods.

Key Events of Puliangudi Growth

Year Event
1965 Municipality functions
1975 Constitution of LPA
1998 Upgrad to second grade Municipality
1993 Bus stand established

Growth of Puliangudi

Puliangudi Started of as a village Panchayat and up grade as third grade Municipality on 01.04.1965. This city is also called as a lemon city.

Population Growth

Year Population Decade variation
1911 15463
1921 18437 2974
1931 21173 2736
1941 23695 2522
1951 27619 3924
1961 30648 3029
1971 38742 8094
1981 43998 5256
1991 53287 9289
2001 60142 6855


Population density of Puliangudi has rabidly growth spread over all Area of 55.166 Sq.km. The city has a density of 702 persons / Sq.Km and the density rose to 966 persons / Sq.Km in 1991 and to 1100 persons / Sq.Km the development of density the western ghat.

Year Density.sq. / km
1971 702
1981 798
1191 966
2001 1090

Literacy Rates

Sl No. Rates Male Female
1 No.of Literates (14 years of age) 4834 4921
2 Adult Population (14 Years of are) 6042 6151

Econimic Base

The economy of the town is concentrated around the lemon trade and the hosiery products market.The town in located on the Kollam – Thirumangalam National Highways.

Road (N.H.208) in Tirunelveli District. It is mainly an agricultural based Town and weaving is the open industry of the Town. Puliangudi is Popularly known for its lemon market and other wise it is called as leman city in this area.


There is no Industries in our Municipal limit.