Engineering Section

The Municipal Engineer is the over-all in-charge of Engineering Section.  Municipal Engineer is controlling the Assistant Engineer, Public Works Overseer, Technical Assistant, Road Mazdoor, Electrical Superintendent, Wireman, Helper and Fitter working in the section. The Municipal Engineer looks after the maintenance, Street lights, Road laying, construction of building and drainage, Maintenance of parks, head works and municipal vehicles.  The other subordinate officers are assisting the Engineer to look after the above work.

Sl.No Name(Thiru/Tmt) Designation
1 Sekaran P Municipal Engineer
2 Kaliyakumar M Assistant Engineer
3 Shanmugaraja S Public works overseer
4 Sadiq Ali M Draughtsman
5 Abdul Rahman A Work inspector
6 R. Rajasekar Work inspector
7 P. Prakash Fitter
8 K.Krishnakumar Fitter
9 A.Arockiya Raj Turn Cock
10 M.Manikandan Turn Cock
11 Vacant Driver
12 K. Kamaraj Driver
13 T. Selvaraj Driver
14 Palanisamy/Marimuthu Driver
15 S. Rengasamy Driver
16 S. Sivakumar Driver
17 S. Chinnaiah Baskar Driver
18 M. Mohamed Ali Driver
19 R. Ganapathi Driver
20 S. Murugaiah Driver
21 Vacant Wireman
22 B. Vijayan Wireman
23 Vacant Wireman
24 P.Subramanian Wireman
25 Vacant Wireman helper
26 Vacant Wireman helper
27 Vacant Wireman helper
28 K. Manoharan Electrician
29 R.Jothipandiyan Store Clerk
30 K.Ramamurthy Office Assistant
31 D.Raja Night Watchman