1 to 24 Schedule

SCHEDULE NO : 1 (Land)

Land owned, acquired or purchased by the Municipality


Buildings Owned, Constructed, Gifted, Transferred to the Municipality

SCHEDULE NO : 3 (Sub-Ways and Cause Ways)

Sub-Ways and Cause Ways (Revenue)

SCHEDULE NO : 4 (Storm Water Drains including Open Drains)

Storm Water Drains including Open Drains

SCHEDULE NO : 5 (A)  (Heavy Vehicles)


SCHEDULE NO : 6 (Furniture, Fixtures and office Equipment’s)

Furniture, Fixtures and office Equipment’s

SCHEDULE NO : 7  (Plant & Machinery)

Plant & Machinery

SCHEDULE NO : 8 (Roads, Streets and Lanes – Revenue)

Roads, Streets and Lanes – Revenue

SCHEDULE NO : 9 (A) (Electrical Cables)


SCHEDULE NO : 9 (B) (Lamp Post and Luminary Fittings – Revenue)

Lamp Post and Luminary Fittings – Revenue

SCHEDULE NO : 10 (Substations (Transformers))

Substations (Transformers)

SCHEDULE NO : 11 (Capital Works)

List of Capital Works in Progress

SCHEDULE NO : 12 (Investments) 


SCHEDULE NO : 13 (Engineering Section – Water Supply Stock)

Engineering Section – Water Supply Stock 31.03.2000

SCHEDULE NO : 14 (List of Advances other than Employees Advances)

List of Advances Other Than Employees Advances

SCHEDULE NO : 15 (Bank Balances)

Bank Balances as per Cash Books

SCHEDULE NO : 16 (Property Tax, Profession Tax, Other Taxes, Fees , Etc, Recoverable.)


SCHEDULE NO : 17 (Grants due from the Government)

List of Grants due from the Government as on 31.03 .2019

SCHEDULE NO : 18 (Employees Advances, Pending Recovery)

Employees Advances, Pending Recovery as on 31.3.2000

SCHEDULE NO : 19 (Assets of the Water Supply and Drainage Scheme)List of Capital Works in Progress

Assets of the Water Supply and Drainage Scheme

SCHEDULE NO : 20 (Any other Kind of Asset or Recoverable)

Any other Kind of Asset or Recoverable

SCHEDULE NO : 21 (Loans)

Loans Pending Repayment as on 31.03.2019

SCHEDULE NO : 22 (Deposits)

Deposits Repayable

SCHEDULE NO : 23 (Liabilities)

List of outstanding Bills as on 31.03.2000  (Liabilities)

SCHEDULE NO :24 (Any other Liabilities)

List of any other Liabilities as on 31.3.2000