Citizen Charter

Citizen Charter

Tamilnadu is leading in many Urban Sector reforms.  As part of its commitment to enhance the responsiveness and effectiveness of the civic services rendered by the urban local bodies, the State Government decided to introduce ‘Citizens’ Charter’ in all the urban local bodies in G.O.Ms. No. 58 MAWS Department dated 16.4.1998.  The first edition of the ‘Citizens’ Charter’ was released by all city municipal corporations and municipalities in the State in the year 1998-1999.  It has improved the transparency and effectiveness of the local body administration.  Based on the experience gained over the past few years and the feedback, it has been decided to bring this second edition of the ‘Citizens’ Charter’ with improved information to citizens to make every citizen’s interaction with the civic body easy, simple, hassle free and efficient and also ensuring accountability and transparency.
This charter documents the citizen’s entitlement to municipal services, quality of services, quick access to information, stages to redressal of grievances and time bound.
This charter also documents, apart from what we can offer the citizens, what the citizens can do to help us serve them better and what can be achieved if both of us join together.

The Municipal Council of Pollachi has adopted this second edition of citizen charter in its resolution no.785 dated 30.09.2004 with renewed commitment to provide efficient and prompt civic services to the citizens and with the fond hope that on their part, the citizens would respond and reciprocate in a positive way.
We consider this as a charter of responsibilities for us in the Municipality, both elected representatives and officials, to make a sound and responsive administration to make the town clean, green and most livable for the citizens.
The first edition of the citizen charter was only to give specific information to the people of this town on ensuring quick response to their needs and redressal of certain grievances.  Now, we are introducing on line complaint system for certain services and a three – step normal complaint redressal system for all other services to ensure quick and efficient redressal of grievances in a time bound manner.
This Municipality has constructed a electrical crematorium without detrimental to the environmental atmosphere in an area of 57 cents at a cost of Rs.1 core funded by the Member of the Parliament and State Legislature and Local Rotary club.    This Electrical crematorium is being commissioned from 27.2.2000.
Three computerized collection centers for collecting property taxes and water charges have been located in the Municipal office and at Mahalingapuram and Balagopalapuram Street Municipal Middle School campus.
We shall acknowledge on the spot all complaints, returns, declarations, applications, intimations and all communications from the citizen.
We invite citizens to use this charter to ensure better standards of service and bring to the notice of the concerned authorities, as listed, any failure or non-compliance of citizen’s charter.
We invite greater participation, support and assistance from the citizens, which we value most.

We strive each day to improve the quality of life of our citizens.

Municipal Council
This Citizens’ Charter is a commitment of the to achieve a STAR system.
In the administration of the civic body in fulfilling the needs of the citizens of this town.
By providing all important information to the Citizens about the services being delivered by the Municipality.
¨      By creating a system, which will receive public grievances and redress the same qualitatively and time bound.
¨      By soliciting the cooperation of the citizens in fulfilling their aspirations by mutual trust, confidence and help and by making them aware of their duties to the community.
¨      By making each citizen’s interaction with us easy, simple, hassle-free and efficient, while ensuring accountability and transparency.
¨      By introducing e-governance and automated access to all our functions and services and by directing the resultant flow of efficiency-gains towards the citizens.
¨      By being fair, efficient, citizen – friendly and outcome – focused.

The Municipality was constituted in the year 1920 and was subsequently upgraded as Special Grade Municipality from 1983.  It has a population of 88303 (2001 census) and an extent of 13.87 Sq. Km., The town is divided into 36 wards.
The Municipal Council comprising of 36 ward councillors is headed by Chairperson, who is elected by voters of the town. The councillors elect a Vice-Chairperson among them. The existing council is functioning with effect from 25.10.2001.
The executive wing is headed by a commissioner and he is assisted by a team of officials like Health Officer, Municipal Engineer, Town Planning Officer, Manager, Revenue officer and other officers.
Within the Municipal limit a weekly market known as Gandhi Market is functioning in an area of 30.78 acres.   This shandy is the biggest one in the South India.
Within the Market premises a daily vegetable market, old iron market, lorry stand and cattle shandy are functioning.  Outside of the market building abutting main roads shopping complexes are leased out.
The revenues derived from the above items is approximately 96 lakes per annum.
A cattle shandy is situated in an extent of 5.75 acres and cattle’s from other States of Andhra, Karnataka and Kerala are brought to this shandy for sales.
In order to raise this cattle shandy a model one in Tamil Nadu and to handle the cattle with mercy proposal is in progress to construct a lorry platform to form roads and constructing cattle sheds provided with Mangalore tiles with a financial aid to the tune of Rs.19.5 lakes by the State Tannery Research and cattle maintenance depots.
In addition to the above an intense training is being given to the effective management of cattle.
A Veterinary Doctor is also appointed.
The Municipality provides the following major services

1)     Water Supply
2)     Sewerage
3)     Waste Management
4)     Roads
5)     Drains
6)     Street Lights
7)     Public Conveniences
8)     Sanitation
The Municipality also enforces and regulates the following activities.
1)     Tax administrations.
2)     Planning and Building permission
3)     Trade and other licenses
4)     Registration of Birth and Deaths
For each of the above services and activities, this charter provides information about the details of services offered, response time for rendering the services or redressing grievances, whom to complain in case of default for providing the required services and how a citizen can help.
This charter lists the names of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Councillors and their contact Telephone numbers for better interaction of the citizens.  The Charter also lists out the names, designations and contact Telephone numbers of key officials dealing with major issues.
The co-operation of the citizens is solicited broadly in the following aspects:-
¨      Segregate wastes at source
¨      Do not throw waste in Drains, streets
¨      Deposit wastes only at specified places and dust bins
¨      Do not allow children to defecate in open spaces
¨      Avoid connecting sewerage lines to open drains
¨      Avoid encroachments on public places
¨      Avoid occupation of roads and footpaths with unauthorised stacking of materials
¨      Avoid letting of waste water on to roads
¨      Conserve rain water and provide rain water harvesting structures in every building
¨      Avoid leaving animals on roads and public places
¨      Avoid misuse of public places including parks, open spaces, public toilets, markets, Bus stands
¨      Plant trees within and in front of premises, water them and nurture them to grow
¨      Report leakage of water, bursting of water / sewage   pipes, burning of street lights during day time, damage of public properties posing health hazard
¨      Avoid damage of public properties.
¨      Ensure prompt payment of property tax, profession tax, Water charges license fees and other Municipal dues.
¨      Adhere to Building Rules and avoid violations, unauthorised  constructions
¨      Adopt universal immunization
¨      Complain to the right officer in time and liaise with the ward councillor.
¨      Avoid to heap debris contemning river and water sources.

The Municipal Engineer and his team of Engineers and Staff are responsible for protected drinking water supply in the town.  For a population of 88,303 the town requires a daily quantity of 10 mld.  On an average, the per capita supply is maintained at 106 lpcd
The Head Water Works is situated 10 Kms away from the town; the main source of water is from Aliyar River.
The first water supply scheme was started and commissioned in 1948 designed for a population of 30000.  The second water supply scheme was commissioned in 1975 designed for a population of 1 lakh and 68 liters per diam
1988 a booster station with 60 H.P. motor at Head water Works and 25 H.P. motor booster station in the town were installed to supply protected water without interruption.
In 1994. 3rd water supply scheme was World Bank loan, the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board implemented.
A refinery tank with a capacity of 14.7 mld to provide water supply to an expected population of 1,77,500 and 110 lpcd and to the 11 wayside villages to a population of 44460 with provision of 40 lpcd per day.
There are 8 reservoirs in the town having a storage capacity of 69.37 lakhs of liters of water.
The distance of the distribution mains laid in the town is 88 Kms and divided into 5 regions.  The distribution of water is being given in alternate days.  There are 270 public fountains and 10513 house service connections.
Chlorination is being done regularly.  There are 98 bore well hand pumps and 4 bore well power pump are in utilization.    In 15 open wells motor pump sets have been provided to supply of water for non/drinking purposes.
Services / Functions
–     Operation and Maintenance of Head works for water supply and distribution of drinking water to house holds and public stand posts
¨      Sanctioning new House service connection
¨      Conveyance and distribution of water for private and public uses.
¨      Billing and collection of water charges
¨      Creating awareness among people to conserve water and install Rain Water Harvesting structures
Response Time for Complaints

Details Time Schedule / Response
I. Water Supply :
(Subject to availability of sanctioned strength of HSCs.)
1.a) Issue of application for new water supply house service connection

At the Information Centre on all working days on the spot
b) Receipt of filled applications with fees At the information centre on all working days
c) Issue of acknowledgement On the spot
d) Intimation to the applicant on rectification of defects noticed in the application Within one week
e) After rectification of defects, issue of notice / chalan for remittance of fees for water supply connection 15 days
f) Effecting Water Supply House service connection 30 Days from the receipt of application

II Complaints / Defects :
1. Replacement of defective meter
15 days
2. Rectification of pollution in drinking water supply 7 days
3. Arresting of Leakage of water in the mains Within 24 hours
4. Minor repairs 2 days
5. Major repairs 3 days
6. Repairs to hand pumps 3 days
7. Repairs to public fountain 2 days
8. Repairs to India Mark 2 pumps / Bore wells 7 days
9. Deficiency in chlorinating 24 hours
10. For prevention of Fire 24 hours
III. Special Demand:
1. Supply of water through lorry Tanker Within 24 hours, if piped water supply is interrupted
2. Supply of water through lorry for Marriage / Festival 3 – 5 days

Needed Cooperation from Citizen
¨      Avoid wastage of water.  Do not use drinking water for gardening and other similar purposes
¨      Do not draw water unauthorisedly or through installation of pumps in municipal connection
¨      Get the repairs attended after proper intimation to corporation and under the supervision of Municipal Engineering Staff
¨      Pay water charges and other dues promptly and avoid disconnection
¨      Conserve rain water and install Rain Water Harvesting structures in all buildings.
¨      Keep the tap closed both in house and in public stand post to avoid pollution
¨      Report water leakage, theft as a public service
¨      Do not tamper with water supply connection or meters
Whom to Contact for Redressal of Grievance

Details Designation and timings Telephone
¨      Initial complaint
¨      Second contact
¨      Third contact
(if the defect continues) Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer
Municipal Engineer
Municipal Commissioner 223800
223800, 224730
225355, 231415

Septic Tank Cleaning

Details Time Schedule
1. Receipt of Application / Remittance of fees 24 hours
2. Cleaning of Septic tank Within 3 days

Needed Cooperation from Citizens
¨      Do not throw other waste including animal waste and debris into the sewage lines
¨      Do not connect sewage outlets to public open drains or roadsides
¨      Adhere to safety measures before entrusting cleaning of septic tanks etc to private persons
¨      Do not tamper with sewage connections
¨      Pay tax and service charges promptly
¨      Avoid environment pollution or nuisance due to your facility
Whom to Contact for Service Deficiency

Details Designation and timings Telephone
¨      Initial complaint
¨      Second contact
¨      Third contact
(if the defect continues) Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer
Municipal Engineer
Municipal Commissioner 223800
223800, 224730
225355, 231415

Solid Waste Management

The Municipal Health Officer and his team of 12 Sanitary Inspectors, 12 Sanitary Supervisors and 275 sanitary Workers are entrusted with the task of keeping the town neat and tidy.
Night mazdoors for Mosquito Eradication Scheme are engaged under the Supervisor of a Sanitary Inspector
The Sanitary section is divided into 10 divisions, each division has a Sanitary Inspector and a Sanitary Supervisor with necessary sanitary workers to remove clear the solid waste and refuses.
About 60 tonnes of rubbish and solid waste are being gathered daily and this wastes are stored in the compost yard which is situated 5 Kms of the town.
A scavenger has been assigned 200 houses to collect the rubbish of degradable and non-degradable.
This Municipality owns 8 lorry vehicles and 3 autos.
Functions / Services
¨      Daily street cleaning and transportation of waste
¨      Night sweeping in Bus stands and market places
¨      Disposal of waste collected through various methods
¨      Removal of debris and construction wastes
¨      Special conservancy arrangements during festivals and other important occasions attracting large number of people
¨      Bulk clearance of wastes in special premises like Kalyanamandapams, Hotels etc.,
¨      Maintenance and cleaning of public toilets, urinals on a daily basis
¨      Removal of dead animals
¨      Fee collection
Response Time for Redressal Of Grievance

Sl. No. Details Time Schedule
1 Cleaning of Streets and Road  5.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. at all places
2 Market and Bus-stand places 5.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
3 Collection and removal of Garbage Daily
4 Cleaning of public toilets, urinals Daily
5 Complaints regarding non-removal of garbages 24 Hours
6 Removal of dead animals  at the time of intimation
7 Complaints regarding non-sweeping of roads 12 Hours
8 Complaints regarding removal of debris 3 days from intimation
9 Complaints regarding removal of blockages in Public Toilets at the time of intimation

Needed Cooperation from Citizens
¨      Do not throw wastes into open drains or streets
¨      Clean your premises and deposit wastes in the designated points before street clearance by conservancy staff
¨      Segregate house hold wastes as per guidelines
¨      Report non-clearance of garbage / debris to the designated authorities
¨      Keep your premises clean. Remove bushes and shrubs then and there.  Prune trees abutting main streets and avoid obstruction to traffic and people’s movement
¨      Use public toilets / urinals properly. Avoid nuisance in open spaces / road margins
¨      Pay administrative charges and fees promptly
Whom to Contact for Service Deficiency

Details Designation and timings Telephone
·     Initial complaint Sanitary Inspector  —
·        Second contact Municipal Health Officer/ Manager 220999
·        Third contact Municipal Commissioner 225355, 231415
Under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act., the urban local bodies play a vital role in registering births and deaths within their territory and issue extracts of births / deaths to the citizens.  The following officers are entrusted with the responsibility of registration in this Municipality:-

1st Division Mahalingapuram
2nd Division Nachimuthu Gounder Street
3rd Division Kandasamy Park
4th Division Kandasamy Park
5th Division Market Road
6th Division Jubille Well Street
7th Division Anna Central Bus Stand
8th Division Palaghat Road
9th Division Alagapuri Street
10th Division Market Road
The occurrence of births and deaths from the Government Hospital and private nursing hospitals and in the individual houses should be got registered within 21 days of occurrence and certificate will be issued free of cost to the concerned individual under section 12 of the rule of 1969.    Naming of babies should be got registered free of cost within a year and a certificate to this effect can be had on remittance of requisite fees under section 17 of rule 1969.
The birth and death if not registered within the specified period of 21 days can be registered after paying a penalty fee of Rs.2/- within 30 days and if exceeding 30 days and but not exceeding one year a penalty fee of Rs.5/- remitted.
If the births and deaths not registered even after one year an order of the Judicial department should be obtained and then applied for registration of the same paying a penalty fee of Rs.10/- for the delay.
.          The registration of births and deaths from 1993 are being computerized and those who need the certificates can be had after paying requisite fee in the information centre in the Municipal office.
To enable to make registration of births and deaths 10 centres are functioning in the respective sanitary division office as follows-
Ten Registrars of births and deaths have been engaged for this purpose and the functioning of office time is 2 PM to 5 PM.
Service / Functions
¨      Birth Registration
¨      Death Registration
¨      Issue of extract of Birth Register
¨      Issue of extract of Death Register
¨      Application via online

Response Time For Services / Grievances

Details Rate of fees Time Schedule
Registration of Birth
From the Date of Birth
1. Within 21 days

At once
2. From 22 days upto 30 days Rs.2/- At once
3. From 30 days upto 1 year Rs.5/- 7 days
4. More than 1 year (with court order) Rs.10/- 7 days

I. Registration of Child’s Name in the Birth Register
1. From the date of Birth upto 1 year Free 3 days
2. More than 1 year Rs.5/- 7 days
II. Registration of Death  From the date of death
1. Within 21 days

At once
2. From 22 days upto 30 days Rs.2/- At once
3. From 30 days upto one year Rs.5/- 7 days
4. More than 1 year (with Court Order) Rs.10/- 7 days
III. Birth / Death Certificates
Remittance of fees for First copy
3 days
Additional copy / each additional copy Rs.5/- 3 days

Needed Cooperation from Citizens
¨      Register Birth immediately after birth
¨      Name the child, preferably before registration
¨      Informants for Registration should be responsible persons who could give correct personal information to avoid problems later
¨      Register death immediately after occurrence
¨      Informants should be responsible persons who could give correct personal information
¨      Avoid nick names or alias names in giving information both for the Birth and Death
¨      Insist on giving details to the Hospital where delivery occurs for registration and a copy of the Report forwarded to the Registration Authority
¨      For extracts give correct details and pay the required fees for copies and search fees
¨      Inform the mode by which you would like to receive the extract – through mail or in person or through messenger
¨      If it is through Messenger, give a specific written authorisation to collect the extract
¨      Do not insist on recording “Cause of death” in the extract for death certificate, as it is not given, even though the information is entered in the main register of deaths.
Whom To Contact For Deficiency Of Service

Details Designation and timings Telephone
·       Initialcomplaint Sanitary Inspector  —
·        Second contact Municipal Health Officer/ Manager 220999
·        Third contact Municipal Commissioner 225355, 231415

Particulars Fees Time Limit
1. Registration of birth – With in 21 days from the date of birth.
Rs.2/- Exceeding 21 days but within a Month.
Rs.5/- Exceeding 30 days but with in a year with the approval of the Executive authority.
Rs.10/- Exceeding one year after obtaining orders from the judicial Magistrate.
2. Registration of Name of the baby Free Exceeding One year
3. Registration of Death  Free Within 21 days from the date of death
Rs.2/- After 22 days but within a month.
Rs.5/- Exceeding 30 days but with in a year with the approval of the Executive authority.
Rs. 10/- Exceeding one year after obtaining orders from the judicial Magistrate.
4. Issue of certificates of Birth death for a single copy Rs. 5/- 3 Days
5. For Additional Copy Rs 5/- for each 3 Days

The Health officer  / sanitary officer of the Municipality and his team of Food Inspectors are entrusted with the responsibility of enforcement of the “Prevention of Food Adulteration Act” within the Municipal limit.  The trades / traders handling food articles are also licensed.
In this municipality to enforce the prevention of food adulteration Act 5 Food Inspectors have been entrusted with the responsibility.
All the trading places of food articles are subjected to periodical sample taking and sent to analysis. All the food-trading shops are licensed under food Adulteration Act and they are committed to take license every year. 30 day before the commencement of the trade by applying in the prescribed application forms with requisite license fees. And if failing to comply with the instruction 25% of penalty fee is collected along with the license fee.
If any complaints received regarding the saleable food articles, samples are taken and send to the food Analysis brings and if reports received that the food sent is adulterated appropriate legal action taken.
Functions / Services / Enforcement
¨      Have a watch over the sale of food articles within the territory
¨      If there are complaints or suspicion take samples of the food and send it to laboratory of analysis
¨      If found adulterated, prosecute the offender in a court of law and pursue, so that it will act as a deterrent
¨      Issue license for trades under the Act after verification and collection of fees
¨      Create awareness among people and traders
Response Time for Service / Grievance Redressal

Details Time Schedule
1. Issue of Application Form At Information Centre on all working days on the spot
2. Receipt of application with fees At Information Centre on all working days on the spot
3. Intimation to the applicant regarding defects, if any noticed in the application Within a week
4. After rectification of defects, issue of notice / chalan for remittance of fees Within 30 days from the receipt of application
5. Issue of License 45 days
6. Belated remittance of fees 25 % Penalty

Renewal of License

Issue of application form At Information centre on all working days on the spot
Receipt of application / remittance of fees At Information Centre on the spot
Renewal of license Within 45 days

Citizens Cooperation Solicited
¨      Traders should avoid selling adulterated food articles or articles which are not safe for consumption, as a service to the people
¨      Traders may inform suspected adulterated food articles in circulation
¨      Traders to obtain municipal license or renew license without fail at the appropriate time paying the   prescribed fee
¨      Insist on license card from the Authorities, if not issued within 45 days
¨      Citizens may report adulterated food staff under circulation to municipal Authorities, as it may save a valuable life.
Whom To Contact for Deficiency Of Service

Details Designation and timings Telephone
·        Initial complaint Sanitary Inspector  —
·        Second contact Municipal Health Officer/ Manager 220999
·        Third contact Municipal Commissioner 225355, 231415
These are normally called “Dangerous and offensive Trades” The Municipality regulates and issues licenses for using any premises within the town for running trades and installation of machineries therefore.  The responsibility for regulation and issue of license is entrusted with the officials of the Municipality.
In accordance with the rules section 245, 249, 258 and 269 of the D.M. Act of 1920 to conduct trade and to install machineries request license fees should be remitted along the application sanitary inspectors should personally inspect the trading shops and if any defects found notice sent to the concerned owners to rectified the Municipal Health Officers of the Commissioner shall inspect for issuing proper license.
Those who conduct trades installing machineries should apply with N.O.C obtained from the environmental pollution central Board and with approved plan from the Municipal Town Planning Section.
Functions / Services
¨      Notify the trades, which need license together with the rate of license fees
¨      Field verification and issue of license / or renewed license
¨      Regulate the trades imposing appropriate conditions to avoid inconvenience / nuisance to general public
¨      Fixation of rate of license fee and collection including belated fees
Response Time for Service / Grievance Redressal

Details Time Schedule
1. Issue of Application Form At Information Centre on all working days on the spot
2. Receipt of application with fees At Information Centre on all working days on the spot
3. Intimation to the applicant regarding defects, if any noticed in the application Within a week
4. After rectification of defects, issue of notice / chalan for remittance of fees Within 30 days from the receipt of application
5. Issue of License 45 days
6. Belated remittance of fees 25 % Penalty

Renewal of License

Issue of application form At Information centre on all working days on the spot
Receipt of application / remittance of fees At Information Centre on the spot
Renewal of license Within 45 days

Citizens Cooperation Solicited
¨      Avoid unauthorised running of trades or machineries without license
¨      Adhere to the license conditions scrupulously
¨      Obtain license / renewal of license without omission and promptly
¨      Remit the fees due promptly
¨      Do not encroach foot paths, streets by show casing the materials outside the shop
Whom To Contact for Deficiency Of Service

Details Designation and timings Telephone
·        Initial complaint Sanitary Inspector  —
·        Second contact Municipal Health Officer/ Manager 220999
·        Third contact Municipal Commissioner 225355, 231415
This Municipality is playing an active role in immunisation according to schedule and in nation wile special drives for immunisation.  The Health officer or Commissioner of the Municipality and his team of Doctors and para-medical staff are entrusted with the responsibility for immunisation programs.
In this Municipality 2 Health Centres are functioning with 2 Medical officers, 2 Health Visitors, 10 multipurpose visitors and 2 computer clerks and 5 Maternity Assistant. With the above personnels this Municipality is well implementing the immunization task.
As per schedule of the National Immunization scheme, the M.H.O. or Commissioner and Health Crew of the Municipality are responsible to implement the scheme with the following action team.
Enumeration work by field workers.
The immunization is being done on every Wednesday at the following Venues Nachimuthu Maternity Home.
Health Centres at Kamatchi Nagar and Vadugapalayam and at 5 Noon meal centers
Special Immunization programme is being arrived out now and them as per instruction of the government a part from this feeding polio drops is also conducted every year from April 1995 and the public is informed cut outs through local cable T.V. Stations etc.

¨      Field survey and extension work by para- medical staff
¨      Regular immunisation at designated places
¨      Special nation-wide programmes on immunisation
¨      Creating awareness among people for timely immunisation
Immunization is being made to the conceived mothers and babies as follows.
For Conceived Mothers
1. One pregnancy                  –           T.T. 1st dose.
2.  After a Month                    –           T.T. II dose.
3. After 1 ½ Month                 –           BCG – DPT and polio dose I
4. After 2 ½ Month                 –           DPT and Polio II Dose
5. After 3 ½ Month                 –           DPT and Polio III rd Dose
6. At 9th Month                      –           Measles.
7. Between 16 – 24               –           DPT and Polio Booster Dose.
Details of Immunization Details
Details                                                   Time schedule
Immunization for Children                             Every Wednesday
Notified Diseases                                         Immediately
Polio Drops                                                   Every Wednesday
Response Time For Service / Grievance
Details                                              Time schedule
Vaccination to public                        :           Every Wednesdayof a week
Vaccination for specific disease         :           At once, at the concerned centres
Polio Vaccination                             :           Every Wednesday
Anti – Malaria                                 :           Once in a year through tablets
Certificate of Vaccination                 :            Two days
How Can the Citizens Help
¨      Adhere to immunisation schedule for your children
¨      Contact municipal authorities in case of any out break of dangerous diseases

Whom To Contact for Service / Grievance Redressal

Details Designation and timings Telephone
·        Initial complaint Multi purpose health workers, Maternity Assistants 224600
·        Second contact Medical Officer 224660
·        Third contact Municipal Health Officer/ Manager 220999
·        Fourth contact Municipal Commissioner 225355, 231415
Municipal Dispensary and Maternity Homes
There are 5 Nos. of Dispensaries and 1 No. of Maternity Home and centres catering free service to the urban poor.  They are managed by Medical Officers and other para-medical staff.  They are under the overall supervision of Commissioner.
There are 2 Ayurvedic Dispensaries of 2 Siddha Dispensaries and 1 general Dispensary are functioning in the following places.
1.         Ayurvedic Dispensaries       –           T.Kottampatti
2.         Ayurvedic Dispensaries       –           B.G. Puram Street
3.         Siddha                             –           Vadugapalayam
4.         Siddha                             –           Market Road
5.         General Dispensary            –           Nethaji Road
Registered Medical Practitioners Pharmacists & Male – Female orderlies are working in the above dispensary.
Maternity Home
A Maternity Home is maintained in this Municipality and two health centers as per IPPV are functioning for nursing the Health of Mother & babies Two M.Os. 5 M.P.V. & % Maternity Assts are working in the above medical institution.
In the Municipality Maternity Home only delivery of babies is attended by 2 MOs + 5 Maternity Assts.
Prenatal & Post Natal Checkup of immunization work is done regularly in the maternity home.
1. Maternity Home               –           N.M.M. Home (Near Anna Central Bus Stand)
2. Kamatchi Nagar                –           Health Center ( Kamatchi Nagar)
3. Vadugapalayam               –           Health Center ( Vadugapalayam)
Rs.2.50 Lakhs is spent for purchasing medicines and equipments.
Functions / Services
¨      Providing maternity and child care
¨      Providing help and advice on Family welfare issues
¨      Immunisation and vaccination
¨      Disease preventive and curative measures
¨      Creating awareness for hygiene and immunization
Response time for service / grievance

Details Time Schedule
1. Service Maternity Daily except Sundays
2. Dispensary Daily except Sundays
3. Advise on Family welfare Daily except Sundays

Whom to Contact

Details Designation and timings Telephone
·        Initial complaint Multi purpose health workers, Maternity Assistants 224600
·        Second contact Women Medical Officer 224660
·        Third contact Municipal Health Officer/ Manager 220999
·        Fourth contact Municipal Commissioner 225355, 231415

The Town Planning Officer is entrusted with the responsibility of Town Planning activities.  The branch looks after regulation of building activities / lay out and other planning permissions.  The planning permission is granted by Local Planning Authority headed and the Building permission is granted by the commissioner.
Under a senior Town Planning Officer, Town Planning Section is funning with an A.T.P.O. and Town Planning Inspectors and Town Surveyors and Assistants.
Granting approval to layouts, building planes, Sub divisions, Installation of Machineries sanctioning development scheme with distant version are entrusted with the responsibility of Town Planning Sections.
The Town Planning Works are implemented according to the powers conferred by T.N.D.M. Act of 1920 and Town & Country planning of 1971.
The Planning permission is granted by L.P.A. headed and the building permission is granted by the commissioner.
The following procedure is adopter for granting approval for building, layouts sub division of for installation of Machineries in the industrial premises.
1.      Building License (The following documents are required to issue license)
1.      Building application form
2.      Proposed building plan.
3.      Copy of registered document.
4.      Affidavit pertaining to the land ceiling Act.
5.      Compensation document if any.
6.      Agreement (Regarding for the removal of any)
7.      Scheme plan.
8.      Topographical Sketch.
9.      Property tax or Vacant site tax receipts paid up to date.
10. Prescribed building application form as per rule of 49 T.P. + C.P Act of 1971.
11. Statistical Enclosures.
12. Layout plan.
13. Survey Sketch.

2.      Layout
1.      Application with Court fees stamp to the value of Rs.2/-
2.      Proposed layout plan and topographical sketch.
3.      Copy of documents pertaining to the land.
4.      Copy of scheme map and Extension development scheme.
5.      Encumbrance certificate
6.      Certificate issued by the Tahsildar (Town)
7.      Survey sketch and R.S.R. Sketch issued by Sub Inspector (Town) of Survey.

3.      Sub division and Integration
1.      Application duty effaced with a court fee stamp of Rs. 2/-
2.      Copy of layout subdivision sketch.
3.      Approved sub division of layout sketch & Site plan with topographical sketch.
4.      Copy scheme map & extension development scheme.
5.      Copy of registered document.
6.      Encumbrance Certificate.

4.      Installation License
1.      Prescribed application form duty affixed with court fee stamp of Rs.2/-
2.      Copy of plan for installation of machinery proposal.
3.      Scheme map and Extension – Development Scheme.
4.      Copy of registered document.
5.      Topographical Sketch.
6.      Certificate issued by the pollution control Board.
7.      N.O.C form the adjourning house owner (if necessary)
Function & Service
1.      Granting of permission for construction or alternation of buildings.
2.      Forwarding application seeking approval for sub divisions of layout and for granting Administrative approval to the Director of T.C.P. Dept after scrutinized regarding the transfer land under master planning Scheme.
3.      Forwarding of applications for layout subdivisions & layout integration to the director of T& C planning – Chennai and Deputy Director of T& C Planning, Coimbatore after duty scrutinized – for approval.
4.      Inflating action against building owners for un- authorized construction as per rule 199, 216 & 317 of the D.M. Act after issuing notice to the building owners.
5.      Prepare master plan and extension development scheme plan under supervisor of the Deputy Director of Town Planning with the assistance of the Town Planning personals and being them for implementation.
6.      Initiating action to accord permission for installation of Machineries.
7.      Taking action on the application for renewal of building license under section 204 of the Town Planning Act.
8.      To send building completion report to the revenue section for assessing property Tax.
9.      Initiating action to remove the portions of unauthorized constructions against the building rules.
10. Forwarding appeal applications seeking approval to the Director of T& C.P. to grate exemption after scrutiny.
11. Forwarding application regarding changes in reservation sites under the Master plan Scheme & Extension Development scheme after scrutiny to Director of T & C.P. for approval of the revised planning Scheme.
12. To create new ways and means for increasing the revenues under remuneration enterprises and service scheme.
13. To form new scheme roads and by pass round roads proposed under master plan scheme extension scheme.
14. Proposal to establish parks and play fields to obtain financial aid from the great.
15. To integrate planning proposals pending before the L.P.A for Implementation.
16. According to rule 1971 of Town planning Act, preparation of annual budget and Administration report of the L.P.A to submit to the Director of T& C.P.
17. To get financial and under seed investment scheme to form new scheme roads & Parks.
Response Time for Service / Grievance Redressal
Approval of Building Plan and issue of Building Licence

Sl. No. Details Time Schedule
1 Issue of application forms / Remittance of fees At the Information Centre on all working days – at once
2 Issue of acknowledgement At the information centre at once
3 Intimation to the applicant on rectification of defects noticed in the application Within a week
4 Suggestions to the applicant for rectification of defects Within a week
5 After rectification of defects, issue of notice / chalan for remittance of fees for building license Within a week
Issue of Building License:
Application for renewal of building license
At Information Centre at once
7 Renewal of building license 7 days
8 Plot sub division approval 30 days
9 Layout approval 30 days
10 License to Licensed surveyors 30 days
12 Demolition of unauthorised construction on public property 15 days
11 Demolition of dangerous structures 30 days
12 Removal of encroachment in Roads and municipal properties 15 days

How Citizens can help
¨      Cooperation with enforcement staff
¨      No unauthorised construction or addition / alteration in the premises
¨       Start construction only after getting an approved plan
¨      Do not buy plots for construction in unapproved layouts
¨      Layout Developers to hand over Road, drains and other infrastructure to the Municipality after completion and before selling plots
¨      Follow the building Rules, Development control Rules and other regulations
¨      Report illegal constructions, dangerous constructions
¨      Avoid encroachments on public property and ensure foot paths are clear

Whom to contact for service deficiency

Details Designation and timings Telephone
·        Initial complaint Town Planning Officer  220999
·        Second contact  Municipal Commissioner  225355, 231415
Town Survey Section
Two, Sub inspectors of survey and chainmen are employed in the town survey section.
Time Service Schedule
Preserve ting of  Town survey Records and survey records of the Municipality.
Maintenance of survey records of immovable of property in position of the individuals with in the municipality limit & issue of certificate on application with necessary fee within 15 days.
Supply of site plans and be ocular sketches on application with necessary fees within 15 days.
Fixation of boundaries of lands/grounds on request of the individuals after remittance of necessary fees.
Maintenance of your properties poramboke lands. road and your municipality laundries.
Claims from the individuals over the night of a property boundaries will be determined with reference to records within 15 days application from the individual concerned.
Any address received from the Tahsildar, Pollachi Town, information will be given to the public be after carrying out changes after carrying out changes after a period of one month.
preparation of patta sketchers for the residential area with in the limit.
Registering all the encroachments made by the public and brought to the notice of the municipality and sundering assistance for the evicting the encroachments.
Informing necessary particulars regarding rights & ownerships of lands with maps over the lands required for welfare schemes of the government.

Year of the golden jubilee urban employment Scheme
Swarna Jayanthi Sakrari Yojana
Preface :
In given of the year of   golden jubilee the govt is committed and has planned to provide basic annuities and employment opportunities. to the Jobless people below the poverty line. by forming social organization development Schemes. This Scheme is also intended to encouge the jobless offering them profitable employment opportunities under self employment programmers and work for wages.  This wages is implemented with  the financial aid 75% by the central government and 25 % by the state government.
Salient Features of the Scheme
1.      The golden jubilee urban employment scheme has been aerated with a view to empower the social organizations to exercise their functions property.
2.      Helping the urban living poor beneficiary to make profitable jobs.
3.      Helping the urban living poor womenfolk opportunities to start  profitable job oriented operation.
4.      To  brain up the capable beneficiaries and others who take part in the urban development employment scheme, enabling the, to venture to start small scale business project.
5.      Utilising the physical labour of the urban living people below the poverty line for constructing public infrastructures for the social economic progress.
6.      Formation of latches out of thrift and relief society and after expiry of one year from the commencement of batches of thrift and relief society a sum of Rs.1000/- per head is allocated from the revolving the sense of savings in the minds of the society members.
Opperational Proccess
Urban Self employment (Subsidy)
1.      Receiving application from the urban living poor beneficiaries below the poverty line to start small business / projects. through social organization presidents and got them received by the TASFORCE COMMITTEE and scrutinized by the Municipality officers and Bank Managers. under this Scheme maximum amount Rs.5,000/- is sanctioned as loan allowing a subsidy of Rs.7,500/- being 15% of the planned estimated amount.
2.      Operational Particulars required for starting small business projects
Selection of Beneficiaries

Eligibility Poor people below the poverty line living in urban Centre.
Family Income Monthly income of Rs.500.93 of an single person as per censes of 2003-2004.
Living Place Should be living in urban area at least 3 years.
Defaulted in repaying the loan Should not be defaulters in repaying loans taken from the co-op society and nationalized banks & Such other institutions.
Estimated cost of the plan Provision is made for sanction up to Rs. 5,000/-
Subsidy A subsidy of Rs. 7,500/- is 15% of the estimated cost of the plan join the allowed.
Share Amount 5 % of the estimated cost of the plan should be paid by every beneficiary.
Mortgage / Security for money borrowed No Security of mortgage is needed for this loan.
For time limit repayment of Loan For repayment of loan 3 Years to 7 Years.
Women and Children development living in Urban Area
When the group of women under this scheme are in operation according to the local situation they are expected to evince keen interest and zeal and gain experience, there by like to ventures to engage themselves in vasious professional business.
Consequently they may not be depended on others and hope for letter livligood and shine themselves.
This scheme provides various means and scope for the welfare of the poor women & Children.
Operational Particulars.
Required for starting small scale business

Selection of beneficiaries Eligibility Formation of a lakes corseting 10 women below the poverty line.
Family Income Monthly income of Rs.500.93 of an single person as per censes of 2003-2004.
Living Place Should be living in the urban area at least 3 years.
Defaulted in repaying the loan Should not be defaulters in repaying loans taken from the co-operational society and from nationalized banks & Such governmental institutions.
Plan Estimated Rs.1,25,000/- Has been allowed for the plan Estimate.
Subsidy A subsidy of 50% of this plan estimate will be allowed.
Share Amount 5 % of the estimated cost of the plan should be paid by every batch.
Security for Banking loans No Security of mortgage is needed for this loan.
Duration of time for  repayment of Loan For repayment of loan 3 Years to 7 Years.
Urban Wage Employment Programme
This Programme provides ample scope for the progress of social and economic status. by utilizing the physical lake our of the urban living people below the poverty line for constructing public infrastructure and such other works.
This Scheme ensures wage employment for the poor people below the poverty line. Under this scheme 60 : 40 ratio will be maintained for the commodities and work the beneficiaries of this scheme. will be paid a minimum wage as per the ruling rates.
Urban Self Employment Programme & Training
This Programme is infended to give training to undertake repairs of the following Television,  Radio, Refrigerator, Type Writer, bicycles, Automobiles, Diesel Motors and Machines, Electrical Accessories for Home Use, Preparation food Items and catering, Knitting of Chairs, Rewinding Motors, Book Binding and Motorized Coir Manufacturing Etc.,
Required for training period.

1 Time required for trainee 3 Months or 300 Hours.
2. Cost of Things – Subsidy for a trainee and trainer of expenditure incurred by the training Institute Rs. 2,000/-
3. Eligibility The beneficiary should be below the poverty line.
4. Living / Residing Area Should be living in Urban Area at 3 Years.
Things required for training, Salary of a trainer, Incidental expenses for training centers. Vocation opted by the trainee subsidy per month Rs.100/- and expenditure items pertaining to the training Rs. 230/-
Savings Thrift Society (DWACA (TCS)
Even though the poor urban women are not part of the society and action plan a subsidy of Rs.1,000/- per head is paid in one installment.
Resolving fund is distributed to the poor women through Thrift society for the following purpose.
1.      Buying and selling of  Raw materials.
2.      For the purpose of revenue yielding  items and providing basic needs thereon.
3.      A part of the fund is expended for the health purpose of children, the expense caused in this connection for the salary of the employee is not permissible.
4.      Traveling allowance not exceeding Rs. 500/- is permissible to the members of the society to perform journey to the Banks and such other offices.
5.      A Society members may deposit a minimum of Rs.500/- for 12 months in the society. and Rs.30/- may be with drawn
for medical expense and to pay life insurance premium. and if a Deposit of Rs.650/- invested in the society for 12 Months, the members may get a subsidy of Rs. 60/- Cut of this amount Rs.30/- may be used for self and Rs.30/- for meeting medical expenses and Insurance Premium.
This expenditure will be debited to the revolving fund Account in the name of the member.
Time of Service Schedule
1.   Receiving Application                      –           With Service Center.
2.   Submission of Application               –           Do
3.   Recommendation to Bank               –           30 Days
4.   Training to compitent persons         –           30 Days
Redressal of grievance

S.No Details Time Schedule
1 Receipt of application form 30 days
2 Submission of application 15 days
3 Recommendation to banks for assistance under the scheme 30 days
4 Imparting training to eligible candidates 90 days or 300 hours duration
The people below poverty line may submit applications to the Municipality and the applications shall be scrutinized with reference to the list of people below poverty line and the eligible persons shall be recommended for financial assistance by banks.
Whom to contact for service deficiency

Details Designation with phone no and timings
First Complaint Community Organiser 220999
Second Contact Town Planning Officer 220999
Third Contact Commissioner 225355/231415

The Municipal Engineer and his team of officers are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining roads belonging to Municipality within the Municipal limit.
This Municipality is maintaining in good condition 654 Nos. of roads to a length of 104.78 km.
Apart from this cement concrete roads 9.74 Kms. bituminous roads 73.67 kms and 20.65 Kms gravel roads have been maintained in good condition and for the maintenance of these roads an approximate of Rs.70 lakhs is being spent every year.
The Highways department is also maintaining bituminous roads to a length of 17.00  Kms.
Functions / services
¨      Construction and maintenance of roads, culverts, bridges, storm water drains.

¨      Repairs to potholes and bad patches
¨      Resurfacing the roads
¨      Widening and improvement of existing roads
¨      Repairs and maintenance of foot paths
¨      Maintenance of street furniture including street lights

¨      Provision of parking facilities
¨      Permitting display of advertisements
¨      Maintenance of traffic islands
¨      Maintenance of side drains, avenue trees,
¨      Flood control measures to reduce damage
Response time for service / Grievance redressal

Sl. No. Details Time Schedule
1 Restoration of damages caused to roads due to natural calamities 3 days
2 Filling of potholes in the roads 10 days
3 Road cutting permission 7 days
4 Patch work on roads 30 days
5 Removal of encroachments causing hindrance to traffic 3 days
6 Replacing of missing manhole lids on the drains 3 days
7 Removal of debris and construction materials on road sides by the owner of the building 1 week
8 If not removed by the owner, removal by Municipality on collection of expenses 1 Week
9 Removal of water stagnation 24 Hours
10 Removal of drain blockage Emergency
Normal 24 Hours
3 days

Street lights
At present 3577 street lights have been provided and maintained with arrangement to burn simultaneously.   Automatic switches are provided to put the lamps on and off.
Tube lights     – 3128
Mercury lamps  – 161
Sodium vapour lamps – 287
High Mast lamp   –  1
The town has sufficient lamps for lighting.

Sl. No. Details Time Schedule
1 Repairs to Non-burning of street lights at main roads / streets 2 days
2 Repairs of street lights at inner street 3 days

Citizens cooperation solicited
¨      Do not damage the roads for public functions. Adhere to guidelines prescribed therefor
¨      Do not dump debris and garbage in street margins
¨      Avoid encroaching roads / streets
¨      Avoid cutting roads without permission
¨      Do not allow house hold waste water to flow into the streets
¨      Do not throw garbage into drains
¨      Do not connect sewer lines to public drains
¨      Report water stagnations, missing manholes, damaged lights, light poles
¨      Maintain avenue trees in front of premises

Whom to contact for service deficiency

Details Designation and timings Telephone
¨      Initial complaint
¨      Second contact
¨      Third contact Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer
Municipal Engineer
Municipal Commissioner 223800
223800, 224730
225355, 231415

Property Tax
Property Tax is a major revenue source for the Municipality.  There are 21217 Nos. of property Tax assessments and the annual demand is Rs.  4.47 Crores.
The Property tax is the prime income source of the Municipality.  Total assessments 21217 out of this house tax assessment is 19382 and vacant site assessments 1285.
The annual demand of the property tax is 446.73 lakhs.
The property tax is fixed on the basis of the annual rental value of the building accordance with rule 81 (2) and 82 (3) of District Municipalities Act of 1920.
The annual rent value and annual value is estimated as per guidelines by the Director of Municipal Administration in his circular No.4314/92 R1 dated 14.5.1993 delegated in Schedule 4 Rule 6 (A) and of the annual rental value 19.55% is fixed as property tax.
The vacant site tax is levied on the Market value on the document value i.e.7.70%2 per Rs. 1000/-.
To value the Annual rental value the Municipality is divided into various regions and basic value the building is fixed in each region separately taking into account the utilization of the building.
The value of the building is raised three times and two times according to the usage of the building allowing a reduction for the owner occupied buildings and tiled roof buildings from the Annual Rental value and permissible deduction under rules is given effect.
The Municipality is divided into 3 regions assigning rank viz. ABC for the purpose of property tax to adopt the above guidelines.
As detailed above the buildings are assessed and special notice sent with a calculation sheet to the building owners.

S.No Zone Wards Value
(1 sq.feet)
1 A  Zone 5,6,15,16,17,25 Rs.2.75
2 B  Zone 3,10,11,14,16,18,21,24,28,29,30,33 Rs.2.25
3 C  Zone 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19, 20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36 Rs.1.75
On the fixation of tax so made, if there is any objection over the revision, the aggrieved person can make an application to the Commissioner within 30 days from the date of receipt of the notice requesting to consider the enhancement of tax levied.
The Commissioner will conduct hearing on the revision applications and issued orders as the case may be.   On receipt of orders of the Commissioner an appeal may be filed before Tax Appeal Committee within 15 days after meeting the tax due.
In the event of a building or house being vacant, vacancy   remission may be obtained after remitting the property tax at the commencement of the respective half year.
For effecting transfer of title of properties may apply in a prescribed form with necessary documents.
If any improvement work carried out to a building or a new building constructed the house owner should inform the details in a prescribed form available at Municipal office service centre so as to enable the Municipal Revenue section personnel for personal inspection to assess the building on the guidelines aforesaid.
It is obligatory of building owners to remit the property tax within 30 days after the commencement of respective half year.
Functions / Services
¨      Determining rate of Tax and dividing Zones for the purpose
¨      Assessment of Tax on all new constructions and additional tax for additional constructions ensuring filling up of Self Assessment Returns by owners
¨      Collection of Tax
¨      Transfer of Title to properties
Response time for service / Grievance redressal

Sl. No. Details Time Schedule
A Assessment of Property Tax
1 Information regarding the assessment of Property Tax At information Centre on the spot
2 Issue of acknowledgement for self assessment return At information Centre on the spot
3 Application for inclusion in the assessment register At information Centre on the spot
4 Assessment Order for new and improvement to the existing Building 20 days
b) Name Transfer
Issue of form / acknowledgment At information Centre on the spot
Issue of Orders 15 days
(a) & (b) Issue of Certified Copies
1 Receipt of Forms and issue of acknowledgment On the spot at information counter
2 Receipt of fees At information centre on the spot
3 Issue of copies 7 days
c) Settling tax complaints 15 days
d) Vacancy remission 30 days
Citizens cooperation solicited
¨      Report new / additional constructions promptly and file self assessment returns fully furnishing the required information
¨      Pay Tax promptly without leaving any arrears.
¨      Insist on getting receipt for payment
¨      Avoid paying tax in installments
Whom to contact for service / complaint

Details Designation with phone no and timings
First Complaint Revenue Inspector 220999
Second Contact Revenue Officer/Manager 220999
Third Contact Commissioner 225355/220999

Profession tax.
Those who derive an half yearly income in excess of Rs.21000/-, commercial firms, Central and State Government servants and employees in private firms and institutions are liable to pay profession tax and eligible persons should submit a report in form No.2, furnishing details of profession and half yearly income to the commissioner.
The Heads of officials in Government institutions as well as in private institutions shall furnish the details of employees and the relative profession tax in form No.2, before 15th of September and February of every year to the Commissioner.
Profession tax should be remitted before 30th September and 30th March of every year and failing to remit within the stipulated period a penalty fee of 1% for every month will be levied.
The eligible persons to pay profession tax failing to furnish the required particulars in form No.2, as per rule 12 the Commissioner shall levy the Profession tax suomotto on the basis of available records in the office, and of there is any objection on the levy of Profession tax an appeal to the Appeal Committee can be preferred by the aggrieved assesssee.
The council is competent to revise the profession tax in every 5 years.   The council can revise the profession tax levied on 1.10.1998 at the ratio of not below 25% and not exceeding 35%.
Accordingly, the revised schedule of Profession tax as on 1.10.2003 is given below:

S.No Total Half-yearly income Half yearly Tax Rs.
1 21000 Nil
2 21001-30000 78
3 30001-45000 195
4 45001-60000 390
5 60001-75000 585
6 75001and above 780

Rain water Harvesting is collection of rain water for drinking and other purposes.
Why should Rain water be saved
¨      To meet water demand for domestic use
¨      To raise the ground water level
¨      To improve the quality of ground water
¨      To prevent infiltration of sea water in nearby areas of seashore.
Method of harvesting Rain Water
¨      Rain water can be harvested by two methods.
¨      Rooftop harvesting
¨      Surface run off harvesting
¨      Rain water from roof top can be straight away let into wells / Bore wells
¨      Rain water in the open spaces can be collected adopting various rain water harvesting methods

Collecting of Rain water from the terrace of the Buildings
a)     Collecting through well
b)     Collecting through bore well

To harvest Rain water in open space
a)     Percolation / Recharge pit
b)     Percolation / Recharge pit with bore
c)      Recharge trench
d)     Recharge well
Harvesting of Rain water from thatched and tiled house
¨      Rain water from the thatched and tiled houses are collected through gutters in a small pit used as filter
¨      Rain water can be collected on the thatched roof by using polyphone sheets
¨      Rain water collected through filter can be stored in a tank or existing sump
¨      Approximately it costs Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000 (Excluding storage tank)
¨      Rain water from the roof top collected through gutter can be stored directly in tanks for domestic use. However, bleaching powder is to be added now and then for ensuring the quality of water.
Whom to contact for service deficiency

Details Designation and timings Telephone
¨      Initial complaint

¨      Second contact

¨      Third contact
Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer

Municipal Engineer

Municipal Commissioner 223800

223800, 224730

225355, 231415
¨      In this Municipality data relating to property tax, water charges and non-tax items have been computerized
¨      Property tax, Water Charges and Non-Tax items are collected through Computerised Service Centers / Certain banks.
¨      Computerised Service Centres are functioning on all working days from 10.00 A.M. to 5.P.M. so as to enable the public to remit the tax directly in the Municipality.
¨      Public can ascertain the details of Property tax dues etc., from the Computerised Service Centers during the working hours.
¨      Birth & Death certificates are issued through computer service centers
Details of Prime Revenue yielding items such as property tax, water charges, vacant site tax, profession tax and lease amounts are computerised and collection of amounts made through computer.
Computerised people service centres collection centres are located in the Municipal office, Balagopalapuram Municipal Middle school premises and at Mahalingapuram and the collection work is done from 10.00 a.m. to 4 p.m. on all working days.   The public may remit the dues in person and receive receipts immediately.
If any doubts they have regarding taxes etc. can get cleared in the above computer centres.
Extracts of birth and death certificates can be obtained from the service centres.
Web site
¨      Public can get general information of the Municipality
¨      Public can have the details of all activities of Municipality through the WEBSITE

Details of various applications / forms issued at Information Centre

Sl. No. Details Application fee
1 Application for Water Supply HSC 25
2 Application for Underground Drainage Connection —
3 Application for approval of Building Plan 25
4 1)     Application for trade licenses 10
2)     Application for license under prevention of Food Adulteration Act 5
5 1) Application for Birth Certificate 2
2) Application for Death Certificate 2
6 Property tax self assessment return – name transfer application 10
7 Application for assessment of Property tax 10
8 Property Tax appeal form —
9 Water supply – name transfer application 10
10 Annual Rental Value – property tax – application 5
11 Water charges – Rental to House service – application 10


Sl. No. Type of Institution Nature of service
1 Kottampatti Reading Room News papers, Magazines Books – Free service
2 Kumarapalayam Street Reading Room
3 Vadugapalayam Reading Room
4 Sevai Maiyam 3 – Sevai Maiyam
Municipal Office

Name and Telephone Nos., of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Councillors

Sl. No. Designation Telephone Number
Office Residence
1 Commissioner 225355 231415
2 Engineer 223800 224730
3 Town Planning Officer 220999 232444
4 Health Officer 220999
5 Revenue Officer 220999
6 Manager 22099

In case of persistent defaults, please contact
Regional Director of Municipal Administration, Tiruppur, Phone No.2200308
Commissioner of Municipal Administration, Chennai – 5 –  Phone No.28410363


225355, 231415,223800,224730, 232444 (Telephone No.)