Solid Waste Management

Pernambut town generates 10.50 MT of Solid Waste per day . The Solid Waste collected, transported and disposed daily, which works to per capita generation of 25 gms./day. The efficiency of the present mechanism can able to collect 100% of the total waste generated in the town. The Urban Local Body also carry out weekly mass waste cleaning programme to clear the left out wastes by utilizing extra vehicles trips in the town. The total garbage collected constitutes 48% of the domestic wastes, 42% commercial wastes and 10% of construction wastes. The details of solid waste composition and collection efficiency are shown in the Table.

Description of Services Status
Total Solid Waste Generation/day(in MT) 10.50
Total Solid Waste Collection/day(in MT) 10.50
% of Coveragee 100%


Frequency of Collection Daily
No.of Dustbins provided in the town 110
Per Capita Waste Generation (Grams) 25
Per Capita Waste Collection (Grams) 25

Details of Waste composition

Waste Composition Quentity (in MT) % Generated
1. Residential 4.860 48%
2. Street Sweeping 1.440 13%
3.Commercial Establishment 3.120 29%
4. Institutional 1.000 9%
5. Hospitals &
Nursing Home
0.080 1%
10.500 100%

The Solid Waste collection mechanism extended in 2 Zones, which covers the entire Pernambut town. Totally 21 wards Garbage Collected door to door method other than in the 2 Zones. . The total collection altogether can able to achieve 100% of coverage in the waste generated in the town, is shown in the Table.