Places of Interest

Kumbakkarai Falls 

The Kumbakkarai Falls is an important place of Tamilnadu tourist attractions. It is surrounded with forest and is located at 6 kms

from Periyakulam . The stream originates in Kodaikanal hills. The water flows throughout the year. The water of this falls contains

goodness of minerals and herbals. As it is in the foothills of Kodaikanal, it is a site for adventure for youths interested in trekking to

reach Kodaikanal by walk through ghat.


Sothuparai Dam

Sothuparai dam is located in Periyakulam, 10 kms away from the city . It is built across the river ‘Varaha’. It is a beautiful picnic

spot. The vide expanse of stored water is an impressive sight.

Kumbakarai Falls





Sothuparai Dam