General Information

General Information

The area of the Municipality is 2.11 The total no. of wards is 30.Providing basic amenities to the public and implementation of development works are the main functions of the Municipality.

The town area is being developed day by day and all the people of Southern side of Tamilnadu are passing through this town.



Total Literate

% to Total Population










Occupational Pattern (2001- Population 42012)



Type of activity

No. workers

% to total Population

Male Female Total
1 Primary Sector
( Agricultural , Mining ,etc)
5466 1782 7248 17.25
2 Secondary Sector
(Industry and Construction)
1084 86 1177 2.80

Territory Sector
(Trade and commerce, Transport and communication and other services)

5993 874 6867 16.35

Land Use and Growth Management

Local Planning Area

Like many other towns of natural growth along river basin, Periyakulam town has development on both banks of Varahanathi in palm shape. It consists of three major parts viz. Thenkarai, Vadakarai and Kaikalankulam. Thenkarai composing of administrative and judicial institutions and old settlement , lies on the Southern Bank of the river and vadakarai and Kaikalankulam containing mostly of new developments, lie on the northern bank . The town is surrounded by the pleasant Periyakulam valley abounded with Coconut and Mango groves and fertil wet fields.

Land use in the LPA – 1996

Use Area in Hec
Residential 75.13
Commercial 5.24
Industrial 2.44
Educational 3.23
Public and semi Public 24.37
Transportation 28.33
Agricultural 54.71
Land under water 17.41
Total 210.86

The local planning authority (LPA) was constituted U/S 11(1) of the Town and country Planning Act 1971 in G.O.Ms.No. 650 , RD and LA dated 8.4.1975

The first master plan was approved by Tamil Nadu Govt. in G.O.Ms. No.191 H and UD Dept. dt. 14.2.1991 valid till the year 2000 is presently being implemented in the town

Review of Land use Changes
On the total 210.86 Hec of town area nearly 138.74 Hec ( 65.80%) was developed by the year 1996 on the other hand the Master Plan proposed 82.50% of the total area to be developed by the year 2000.

The current development of the town , the northern and southern parts of the town are developing as residential area and even the developments are  spilling over the adjoining  villages .   Considering the   trend        of development the residential areas are proposed to be located on the northern, western and southern parts of the town where less profitable agricultural lands are available

As the town is emerging as the marketing centre for the surrounding areas, the commercial firms and establishments have developed along the main roads especially Dindigul –Cumbum road , Andipatti road , Bazar road and bus stand road.

As the town is purely an agricultural based town and has a perennial river Varaganathi , no industrial area is proposed in the palm.

The existing public uses consisting of Govt. offices , Court buildings , Hospitals, Public utility areas and Religious buildings have developed on the southern side of the town . ie., Thenkarai area of the town.

The existing educational institutions up to Higher secondary school are located in the older part of the town, catering to the educational needs of the students.

An efficient traffic and transportation system is imperative to facilitate the prospective development of an urban area.

The rest of the town area is left as agricultural land under water uses.

Proposed land use – 2011

Use Area in Hec
Residential 102.97
Commercial 13.35
Educational 3.81
Public and semi Public 25.50
Transportation 28.33
Agricultural 19.49
Land under water 17.41
Total 210.86

X. Infrastructure

1. Educational Institutions

In Periyakulam Town there are two Higher Secondary Schools, 19 Middle School and Two Primary schools . Apart from these schools, there are few Matriculation schools and Nursery Schools. The land covered by the educational institutions is 3.23 Hc. Most of the schools are located in the heart of the town. Two arts colleges ( one for women and another for men) situated at the adjoining villages (outside the Municipal limit) center to the needs of students for higher studies.

2. Medical facilities

A District level Govt.Hospital, one Municipal Maternity Home and 57 private dispensaries are catering to the medical needs of the people. The total bed strength is 211. However , the Govt. Hospital is equipped with many modern medical facilities.

3. Slums :

Though the town is not overcrowded due to multi- farious activities , a few pockets of slums have spring up mostly on the southern part of the town. There are six slums in the town with total extent of 27.65 acres.

4. Parks and Play Fields :

There are three park sites notified in the town . All the parks are maintained by the Municipality. There are 2 play fields in the town. One is attached with Govt. Girl’s Higher Secondary School and another one is an Union club play ground maintained by the Municipal Council. Apart from these playgrounds, there are 3 open grounds for public use.

XI. Agriculture :

The town might have derived its name from the big Tank , being located in the old village, which is called as Periyakulam in Tamil. The town has been developing gradually but not to an considerable extent due to the fact that Periyakulam is purely an agricultural place. The town is surrounded by the pleasant Periyakulam valley abounded with Coconut and Mango groves and fertile wet fields.

Periyakulam town is a small and beautiful town, dotted with coconut groves along the Varahanathi. The economic base of the town is agriculture . Of late , the town is acting as a small marketting centre of agricultural produces. The land covered by the Agricultural activities is 19.49 Hec. out of the total town area extent of 210.86 Hec.