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Chettikulam  Sri Dhandayuthapani temple

Chettikulam Murugan temple, situated on a small hill, it has two foot paths one for ascending and another for descending to reach, 240 steps to mount on and 243 steps to come down.

The speciality of the temple is that Lord Muruga faces the shiva temple which is located in Chettikulam village. Lord Dhandayuthapani idol is 4 feet tall holding a sugarcane with 11 parting lines called kanukkal, a form no where available in Muruga temples.

Dhandayutapaani who appeared as a Siddhar here is enshrined in a hill temple in the vicinity. The Lord Muruga Idol has Uchhi Kudumi(Tuff of Hair on top of Head). Also his darsan is in the Aandikola form. So Chettikulam Balathandabani Temple also known as Aandikola Murugan Temple.