General Administration

General Administration / Personnel Department

All administration, Council, Establishment, Budget, Accounts,Election and Census,  Water supply and Tax  Records maintenance.

1 Vaccant Manager
2 K.M Murugesan Accountant
3 Chandran  Assistant
4 M. Maheswari Junior Assistant
5 Vaccant Junior Assistant
6 Vaccant Junior Assistant
7 P. Manjuladevi Junior Assistant
8 A. Athilakshmi Junior Assistant
9 C. Dheenadhayalan Junior Assistant
10 R. Pichaiyammal Junior Assistant
11 A. Indurani Junior Assistant
12 S. Renugadevi Junior Assistant
13 S. Nithiya Junior Assistant
14 Vaccant Typist
15 T. Isac Diamond Ponniah Record Clerk
16 P.Mahendran Office Assistant
17 S.Velankanni Office Assistant
18 S.Maheshwari Office Assistant
19 Vaccant Office Assistant
 20 Vaccant Office Assistant
 21 Vaccant Office Assistant
 22 Vaccant Night Watch Man