External Aided Projects

External funding agencies like World Bank, German Development Bank (KfW), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Tamil Nadu Urban Development Project (TNUDP) – III

The Government of Tamil Nadu is implementing the TNUDP III Project with the assistance of World Bank with a financial outlay of ₹1,996.40 crore over a period of five years as a follow up to the TNUDP II with an aim to:

  • Develop TNUDF as a financial intermediary to provide financing to support infrastructure to Corporations and Municipalities on a sustainable basis
  • Strengthen urban reforms and consolidate the achievements made under TNUDP II in institutional strengthening and capacity building​​

The components of this project are as follows:

I. Institutional Development Component
  • Capacity Building of Municipal Staff
    • The Government has approved 133 training programmes for the officials and Elected Representatives of the Corporations and Municipalities at an estimated cost of ₹25.88 crore out of which 73 training programmes have been completed where 12625 officials and 6300 Elected Representatives, totally, 18925 have been provided training
  • Information and Communication Technology
    • All ULBs have been provided with computer hardware infrastructure and software for implementation of e-Governance. For this purpose, Project Management Unit (PMU) consultant has been put in place.
    • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) have been taken up at a cost of ₹3.92 crore in Coimbatore, Madurai and Tiruchirapalli Corporations and Rajapalayam and Gobichettypalayam Municipalities on a pilot basis. The scope of the work is to prepare property mapping and utility mapping with due linkages to the Municipal Information System (MIS) for improving collection of property tax and other taxes, Infrastructure planning etc. in the above Urban Local Bodies.
  • ULB Debt Monitoring Cell for maintaining up to date information on ULB finances
  • Project Preparation Facility – Technical Assistance to ULBs for project preparation and supervision.
  • Project Management, including incremental operating costs, strengthening the municipal monitoring framework, performance benchmarking and increasing transparency and accountability.
II. Urban Investment component
  • Loans to Corporations and Municipalities
  • Capital Grants to Corporations and Municipalities
  • Project Development Advisory Facility

Under the Urban Investment Component 104 projects have been taken up at an estimated cost of ₹2104.35 crore of which 76 projects have been completed and 28 projects are under various stages of implementation.

The Government has extended the TNUDP III project period until 31.3.2014.

KfW – German Development Bank assisted Projects

In order to provide water supply and sewerage facilities in urban towns, an amount of ₹500 crore (Euro 77 million) financial assistance has been obtained from German Development Bank (KfW) with a project execution period of 5 years. In all, 13 projects at a total cost of ₹500.00 crore have been taken up for implementation and 4 projects have been completed and others are in various stages of progress.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) assisted projects

In order to provide water supply facilities in urban towns, financial assistance to the tune of ₹344.70 crore (Yen 9824 million) was obtained from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with a project execution period of 5 years. The project period has been extended up to March 2016. In all 6 projects a total cost of ₹338.71 crore have been taken up and the works are in various stages of progress.