In Pattukkottai Municipality E-Governance is aimed to provide online citizen services and monitoring performance  of  Municipality and  services accessible  to  the  common man   from anywhere, through service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency,   transparency & reliability of such services to realise the basic needs of the common man.


Computerization   activities  were initiated in this department from the   year 1998. Local  bodies were provided with required infrastructure like  Computers and Printers  and Networking peripherals and IT Manpower was posted at each ULB.LAN / WAN connectivity was established at each ULB. Client – Server based application was developed using in-house team and implemented at all ULBs from the year 2001, database is being maintained in Oracle 9i. Municipal Services  like collection of various taxes and issue of various certificates were introduced Citizen centers were established across all the ULBs, to avail the services. Dedicated website for ULB created.


In phase -II, it is decided to bring all ulb in one single centralized web based application with single database, based on that A complete, an integrated, web based, secured, roll and workflow based application developed covering 29 functionalities of Urban local bodies and implemented in phased manner from 2015  with the following features.


  • Security Audit Certified application.
  • Validated by Consultant, Dedicated Finance Consultant and Department of Local Fund Audit.
  • Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Complete Integrated, Work-flow & Role based Solution.
  • Accounts Integration with all modules.
  • Followed National Municipal Account Manual.
  • IP Address + Login + Password + Biometric enabled.
  • SMS and email enabled.
  • Domain, SSL, Payment Gateway, Audit Trail enabled.
  • Integrated with CSC.
  • Dash Board enabled .
  • Application Validated by LF Audit.
  • Accessed through different Channels.