citizen charter


The Government of Tamilnadu has decided its in principal that the Business of the Government is as picidly and opening with responsibility at all levels and decided to provide to the public by all sources. Hence the Government has formulated CITIZENS CHARTER based on the above principals the Pattukkottai Municipal and has come forwarded to present this CITIZEN’S CHARTER the public.


to provide the services with Fast and Standard

to declare a time limit for providing the services

to upgrade the Administration by adopting opening for getting the confidences of the Consumer.


For the purpose of providing best civic services to the people of the town with upgraded standard and efficiency.

to discharge the civic bodies works with utmost care and honest

to provide the to civic services with special care to provide the civic services in a systematic and time Bound manner with efficiency.

Regarding providing of various Public services by this civic body in implementation, execution and maintenance of Administration of the works relating to Public Health, Water supply, Roads, drain ages and Street Lights and other services to the public are within following specified time schedule.


a) Issue  of application forms for HSC’s at the information center whenever demanded on payment of Application cost Rs.50/-
b) Receipt of completed Application forms Immediately  at  the  information centre
c) Issue of     Acknowledgement  for the application -do-
d) Providing information to the public about the defects noticed if any on the application Within 7 days from the date of receipt of application
e) Issue of intimation for remittance of cheque and other dues receipts of the rectified application form Within 15 days from the receipt of corrected application.
f) Granting of House service connection 30 days (from the date of completed application form)


1) Defects/repairs in Water Supply H.S.C. 7 days from the date of Complaint
2) Repair/ Burnt in Water supply pumping/Distributions 2 days from the date of complaint
3) Damages/Repairs on public fountains 2 days from the date of complaint
4) Repaired defects of India Mark    II Pumps 7 days from the date of complaint
5) Pollution and Contamination of water Supply 10 days from the date of complaint
6) Change of Water supply meter 15 days from the date of complaint
7) Providing of water on the accurate of Fire accidents 24 hours at any time.


1) Providing Water supply through Lorry In 24 hours on receipt of complaint of Water supply broke town
2) Providing of water supply for Marriage and similar functions and ceremonies through Lorry 3 days advance to the date of coming function provided on payment charges of Rs.400/- per Lorry and Rs.200/- per mini Lorry


One the applications/petitions received at the information centre , action shall be taken as specified hereunder:-
a) Filling up of small holes and patches on roads/pathways 10 days on receipt of petition/complaints
b) Attending patch works on Roads 30 days
c) Removal of objectionable encroachments and pathways 15 days on receipt of petition/ complaints
d) Replacement of underground drainage manhole covers 3 days
e) Removed of demolished building debris’s on road sides and public places by the owner/occupants of buildings 7 days
f) If the debris’s are not removed then removal 7 days
g) Granting of Road cutting of the same by the Municipality 7 days on receipt of Applications..


1) Rectification/Repairs/replacement of Bulbs/Tubes lights at main street 2 days on receipt of complaint
2) Repairs/replacement of bulbs  of interior streets 3 days on receipt of  complaint


 For commencing new Food and other business  Trades of other nature (Sec. 249(2) of the Tamilnadu District Municipal  Act 1920)
1) Issue of Application form at the information counter on request
2) Presenting the application form with remittance of required fees at the information centre along with application
3) Informing of defects found on the applications 10 days from the date of receipt of the application
4) Verification of rectified application form, remittance fees and issue of intimation 15 days from the date of receipt of verified application
5) Issue of Licenses 30 days

vi) RENEWAL OF  D&O, PFA APPLICATIONS:- (Sec. 249(5) of the TNDM Act 1920):-

1 Issue of Application forms at the information centre on request
2 Remittance of License fee and receipt of Applications at the information centre remittance of fees
3 Issue of  renewed  License 30 days on receipt of applications
1) Issue of Births/Deaths certificate within the date of 1 to 14 days of registration 1 day without counter fee.
2) Granting of Rod cutting, permission, on the Roads belonging to other Departments 5 days from the date of receipt of permission from the other Department.
2)  Issue of Birth and Deaths certificate registered with 1 to 12 months period 7 days after remitting a late fee of Rs.5/-
4) Issue of Birth/Death Certificate after 1 year 10 days with the orders of Court order of Judicial Magistrate, along with the remittance of late fee of Rs.10/-


1 Receipt of  application at information centre on request
2 Remittance of required fee at information centre on request
3 Verify the application and issue of copy of extract 7 days from the date of application


    The Public Health Branch commences it routine sweeping/cleaning of all Roads / other important places viz., Bus stand , Market etc., daily two times 6 am to 11 am in the evening 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm in the town.

Rectification of Reports

1) Rectification of  draining water stagnation of Drain water 3 days on receipt of petition/report
2) Rectification / repairs of  stagnation at domestic houses 3 days on receipt of report/petition


1) Issue of Application / remittance of fees at the information centre
2) Clearing of septic tank 2 days on receipt of petition/ remittance of fees


3) Issue of application at the information centre at request
4) Receipt of completed application form with required details -did-
5) Issue of acknowledgement for  the application at the information centre on presentation of the application
6) Information to the petitioner on defect, if any noticed on the application within 7 days on receipt of the application
7 Issue of receipt/intimation of remittance of required fees on the defects rectified applications -do-
8 Remittance of fees at the information centre
9 Granting of connections Within 30 days from the date of remittance of required fee along with  application


1) Issue of Building application and cost of application at the information centre by remitting Rs.50/- per application form
2) Issue of Acknowledgement for the application issued at the information centre on the presentation of completed Application form
3) Issue of information an application if any defects are noticed Within 7 days from the date of receipt of  applications.
4) Issue of Building License With in 30 days from the date of receipt of application.



1) Issue of acknowledgement and receipt of Assessment application with required particulars for Assessments at the information centre on presentation of the application and required particulars for Assessment
2) Issue of application for inclusion in Assessment list -do-
3) Issue of Tax assessment orders for the building 20 days from the date of receipt of the application

2) Name Transfer Requests:

1) Receipt of application together with relevant documents relating to the transfer/and issue of acknowledgement at the information centre on presentation
2 Issue of name transfer orders 20 days from the date of receipt of application
3 Receipt of application and issue of annual rental value certificates for any building at the information centre  within 3 days from the date of application with remittance the  required fees.

Note:  All applications for effecting change of Name and application for issuing rental value certificates should be enclosed with Xerox copy of tax receipt of the Half year in which the application is made together with required fees.

G E N E R A L:-

If any applications received in connection with the civic administration will be acknowledged on receipt of application

If any delay in providing the above services are noticed due to any reason, the same will be informed and additional time requirement will be informed to the concerned persons.

All civic service matters will be rectified and replied within 30 days.

All petitions/Applications received at the  information centers accepted in common, and are subject to adherence of with relevant Acts, and Rules made there under by Government issued then and there.

The people of Pattukkottai town are requested to send their esteemed suggestions if any for improving the quality of civic services to the Municipal Commissioner, Pattukkottai Municipality or to the Chairman, Municipal Council, Pattukkottai.