About Us

       Pammal Town is part of Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu and located along Chennai – nearby Pallavaram Railway line and also G.S.T. Road (National Highway No.45) approximately 25 KM away from Chennai and 3 km from  Pallavaram Railway Station.

       Pammal Municipality is one of the major municipalities. In 2004 it was constituted  as  Third Grade Municipality with 21 administrative wards having an area of 13.80 Sq.km.  at a latitude of 13.15°  and longitude of 18.15°.  The town primarily comprises residential, commercial, institutional and industrial area and is famous for tanneries, which are placed in and around the Pammal Municipal boundary.  Pammal Municipality covers one revenue Village. Due to rapid development and growth of the town commercially and residentially, the Municipality is now classified as a Selection Grade Municipality. The population as per 2011 census is 73374. 

      A State Highways known as Pallavaram – Kunrathur Road also runs through the Municipality between Pallavaram and Kundrathur, Geographical location and Ward boundaries are illustrated.

     To cope with the increasing need of basic amenities, the Municipal Town is evincing keen interest in developing the Quality and Quantity of the essential amenities that are enjoyed by the public.

        As per G.O. (Ms) No.154 dated 09.08.2010, Pammal Municipality is now classified as a Selection Grade Municipality