Sewerage Existing Situation

There is no under ground drainage system in Pallipalayam Municipality. Disposal of Night Soil is normally by way of individual facilities and liquid waste (Sullage and Kitchen Waste) is through the open drains.

The main mode of individual disposal in the town is through septic tanks, low Cost Sanitation units and through public conveniences. A phenomenal 38% of the population do not have access to safe disposal systems 3. Forty five percent of the population has resorted to private arrangements, in the form of septic tanks.

Description Details
1) Sewage Collection  Tank Total 13194 residences and  and 12349 houses in this municipality have sewage collection tanks.
2) Low Cost Health Care All the settlements in 21 wards under the Municipality are being maintained in sanitary manner.
3) Dry Toilets Not even a single residential or commercial establishment has dry toilets in the municipality.
4) Whole Houses in Sanitation Out of total 13194 housed in the municipal areas, 12884 dwellings are living in good sanitary conditions.
5) Social Amenities Protected drinking water drainage facilities, toilets, toilets and all other facilities required for slum areas and below poverty line people have been improved.
6) Public Facilities All areas under the municipality, rain water drains, road, drinking water, public health related works will be informed from time to time as per the needs of the public.  All grievances are resolved within 24 hours.
7) Seats withs Buttons There are 12349 residential toilets and community toilets in 21 wards and 357 seats in public toilets making a total of 12706 seats.