Daily Status Report Containment Zone

Name of the Containment Zone: Pallipalayam                                                      As on   :  14/05/2020

Total No. of  Containment zones Total No. of Households in containment zone Total No. of sectors Total No. of cases / person under Home  Quarantine Total Population in containment zones

Officers In-Charge :

   Sl.   No Designation  Name of the officer    Thiru/Tmt. Contact No. Remarks
1 Name of  Nodal Officer  C.Nagulsamy 7708171805
2 Name of  Medical Officer Dr.Saranyadevi 6383736767
3 Name of Sanitary Inspectors C.Nagulsamy 7708171805

Workers Deployed in Containment Zone :

Sl. No Details Staff Deployed Remarks
1 Total no. of Sanitary workers 18
2 Total No. of UHN / Anganwadi Staff 2
3 Total no. Of volunteers/SHG members 0
Total 0

Usage of Materials in the containment Zone:

 Sl. No Particulars Units Usage of Materials Remarks
1 Face Mask In Nos. 264  
2 Gloves In pairs 128  
3 PPE In Nos. 40  
4 1% Hypochlorite In Ltrs. 338  
5 Lysol In Ltrs. 88  
6 Bleaching Powder In Kgs. 425  
7 No. of Mass sprayings No. of Times 133