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History and Growth of the Town

The Town Panchayat was constituted in the year 1963 and was subsequently upgraded as Third Grade Municipality from 07.10.2004. It has a population of 35635 (2001 census) upgraded as Second Grad Municipality from 09.08.2010.  It has population of 40140 (2011 census) and an extent of 4.70 Sq. Km. The town is divided into 21 wards.

The Municipal Council comprising of 21 ward Councillors is headed by Chairperson, who is elected by voters of the town. The Councillors elect a Vice-Chairperson among them.

The executive wing is headed by a Municipal Commissioner and he is assisted by a team of officials like  Municipal Engineer, Town Planning Inspector, Sanitary Inspector, Overseer, Manager  and other officers.

The annual anticipated income of the town is 8.78 crore and the expenditure is 6.13 crore  Net  Surplus  is Rs.2.65 crore.