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Name of the Work  : Waterbody Improvement Project

AS No: 1. .G.O NoMAWS (MA)2.1.2015

2 .PWD  G.O (2D)64,6.1.2017

TS.No :21.11.2017

  • Estimate Amount           :  Rs 1498 Lakhs
  • Date of Tender                 :  07.02.2018
  • Date of Work Order        :23.03.2018
  • Present Stage of work    :  Work Completed
  • Expenditure So far          :  Rs.1190.42 Lakhs

Pallavapuram Municipality  ERI details 

Proposal of Restoration and Protection of Pallavaram and Keelkatalai Tank

Report accompanying the proposal of restoration and protection of Pallavaram and keelkatali Tank