Water Supply

Source Pillur Attikadavu IInd Combained Water Supply scheme
Location of Head work Velliyankadu
Year of Completion 2015
No. of Over Head Tanks with Capacity
1. Kallampalayam 0.60 Lakh Litre
2. Sedapalayam 1.00 Lakh Litre
3. Naranapuram 0.60 Lakh Litre
4. Panapalayam 1.50 Lakh Litre
5.Vadugapalayam 1.00 Lakh Litre
6.West Palladam 2.00 Lakh Litre
7. CTC Colony 2.00 Lakh Litre
8. Anna nagar 6.00 Lakh Litre
9. B.D.O. Colony 1.00 Lakh Litre
10. NSP Nagar 1.00 Lakh Litre
11. SAP Nagar 1.00 Lakh Litre
12. Rayarpalayam 2.00 Lakh Litre
Total 19.70 Lakh Litre
Total No. of Public Fountain 163 Nos
Drinking water LPCD
Frequency of Water supply 3 days once
No. of Mini Power Pump 103 Nos.
No. of Open Wells 13 Nos.
Total No. of House Service Connections
Domestic 11688Nos.
Non Domestic     360 Nos.
Industrial       16 Nos.
Total 12064 Nos.
House Service Deposit Details
Domestic Rs.7,000/-
Commercial Rs.10,000/-
Industrial Rs.15,000/-
Tariff Details  
Domestic Rs.100/- Month
Commercial Rs.200/- Month
Industrial Rs.300/- Month