Level of Municipal Services Provided

B. Sewerage 

Percen-tage of municipal area covered with UGDS Per capita generation of waste water Number of house service connec-tions Monthly rate of sewerage charges –Domestic Monthly rate of sewerage charges Non-Domestic If any UGDS scheme is ongoing briefly indicate its status If there is no UGDS, number of Septic tanks Quan-tity of sewe-rage pumped Quan-tity treated Method of treat-ment Source where treated water is disposed Organiza-tional arrangement available to redress people’s grievances


The Municipal Engineer and his team of Engineers and Staff are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining this service.

Under Ground Drainage Scheme rathaly completed in 14 wards by TWAD Boar. No. of correction given buy Municipality 441 out of sanctioned strength 783.
The investigation work would being taken by TWAD board for providing UGD;s on the balance words.

Existing Situation

The main mode of individual disposal in the town is through septic tanks, low Cost Sanitation units and through public conveniences. A phenomenal 38% of the population do not have access to safe disposal systems3. Forty five percent of the population has resorted to private arrangements, in the form of septic tanks.

Septic Tanks — 8901

Dry Latrines— Nil

HHs without Sanitation– 5147