Municipal Roads

Palani Municipality maintains 39.613 Km of roads and streets. Specially, the roads like Dindigulo – Palanii road and Palani to Udumalaipet National Highways Road (4.00 Km) and a particular length of other main roads are maintained by National Highways and Rural Works Department. Majority of the areas are highly undulated in nature and due to this the developments are scattered in available plain between the undulated areas, which pose constraint for the maintenance of roads, the details of road network is shown in Table.

Local Road Network Details

Local Surface Type   Km  % Road Maintained byState High Ways
Km               %
Cement Concrete 27.501 100% —–             ——
Bituminous 9.428 100% —–             ——
WBM 2.684 100% —–             ——