Street Lights

The Padmanabhapuram Municipality maintains Street Lights from the year 1385. Now 1385 Street lights are maintained by the Municipality. About 90% (74 nos.) Street Lights are provided automatic On Off switches under Energy Saving Measures.

Sodium Vapour Lamps (SVL) are provided and the Major net work constituting 12% of the total street lights provided in the town and tube lights are 88% . The Town has Nine High mast Lamp have been proposed at important places viz Market and Bus stand for the convenience of floating population. The Street lights have been adequately provided.


Type of the Street Lights Total Nos.
High Mass Light 9
250W Sodium 12
70 W Sodium 5
40W Tube 1156
LED 193
65 W CFL 10
Total  1385 Nos.