Storm Water Drains

Storm Water Drains

Existing Situation

Namakkal Municipality is provided with storm water drainage facility. The total length of existing road network in the town is 73.47 km. The storm water drains are laid for a length of 53.214 km. This accounts for the coverage of about 36.2 % of total road length on both sides. This is very less coverage of storm water drain in the town. During monsoon there is stagnation of water on the roads due to lack of proper storm water drainage system in most of the areas. The sewage and sullage water generated form households, shops, etc., get mixed up with the rainwater in the drains leading to unhealthy environmental condition and it also causes health hazards. During dry season, the drains carry the sullage water and other wastewater from various establishments and it is discharged into the Kosavampatti Lake. This has arisen in heavy pollution of Kosavampatti Lake. The details of existing drains are given in the table.

Details of existing drains

Drain Type Length (Km) Percentage (%)
Open pucca/surfaced 53.214 100
Closed pucca/surfaced 0 0
 Kutcha/Unlined 0 0
Total Drains 53.214 100

The entire town is not covered with storm water drains. There are some roadside drains, which do not have sufficient capacity like the drains along Salem road and internal drains within the town. This has resulted in stagnation of rainwater. The rain water and sullage water stagnates on the roads where the storm drains are not constructed.

The Health Department of the Municipality is responsible for the maintenance of storm water drain. In the absence of proper maintenance these drains are silted up.