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Namakkal has great potential for Tourism as the famous Anjaneya temple and Narasimha temple, are located here and visited by pilgrims all over India. The town is in close proximity to Kolli hills, which is a hill resort of natural endeavour.

Anjaneya temple

Namakkal is famous for its almost 1500 years old Anjenyar temple.This Anjaneya temple is located right opposite to Lord Narasimha temple at a distance of 100 Mts. The temple are aligned in such a way that the face of Lord Anjaneya is focussing Lord Narasimha. The idol Lord Anjaneya is 18 feet height gaining . The Anjaneya shrine is without a roof, open to the sky. This is one of the important temples visited by the pilgrims who make trip to south Tamil Nadu.

Rock fort

The fort located at the top of the hill over a height of 75 mts. The Fort is the retreat for local people. There is a Mosque and Temple within the fort which are visited by the local people. This hill top gives the panoramic view of the entire town. The procession around the hillock called ‘Girivalam’ is gaining importance and attracts pilgrims of the town and surrounding villages.

Narasimha temple

This ancient temple is located at the foot hills and the idol Lord Narasimha is carved out from the rock. The temple has built on the other three sides in two tiers. The Kamalalayam tank and Amman temple located nearby at the foothills. The Kamalalayam tank was once filled with water, which is totally neglected at present.

Kolli Hills

A serene and pristine mountain range, sited in the central Tamilnadu on the eastern ghats, 55 Kms from Namakkal district located at an ever-so-pleasant altitude ranging from 1000 to 1300 meters above mean sea level, Kolli hills enjoys a salubrious climate throughout the year. This fertile pocket in Namakkal district is where exotic tropical fruits and medicinal plants grow in plenty. The land is still relatively untouched by time, with 16 quaint little tribal villages that once constituted the historical hill Kingdom of Ori. Much of the charm of this hill country still remains mystical to probe.

As Kolli Hills has got great un-exploited potential for Tourism and Medicinal angle, perhaps the District Collectorate at Namakkal should explore, in consultation with department of Tourism, Forests, Indian Medicine, the possibilities for establishing a Medicinal farm. One Yatri Nivas is under construction, about a km from Arappaleswarar temple. Some lodging facilities have also come up near Cholakkadu and Semmedu. All these indicate the demand for such facilities and therefore it can be inferred that this Hill has tourism potential which should be exploited properly which can be integrated with tourism in Namakkal town.