Master Plan and Land use

Master Plan and Land use


                             Nagercoil the head quarter of the Kanyakumari District, ranks nineth in the state by population (1,90,084 in 1991) and second in the Tirunelveli-Kanyakumari region. The town derives its names from an ancient temple dedicated to Nagaraja, the serpent King.

1. Nagercoil Municipality Constituted on : 1920 (In Travancore State)
2. Upgraded as First Grade Municipality : 1947 (In Travancore Cochin Govt.)
3. Merged with the Govt. of Tamilnadu and Classified as Second Grade Municipality : 1956
4. Upgraded as First Grade Municipality : 01.04.1961
5. Upgraded as Selection Grade Municipality : 12.10.1978. G.O.(Ms)No.1567  Rural Dev. Dept Date: 12.10.1978.
6. Upgraded as Special Grade Municipality : 30.05.1986. G.O.(Ms)No.535  MAWS(MA.S) Dept, Date: 30.05.1988.
7. Upgraded as City Municipal Corporation : 01.03.2019 vide G.O.(Ms)No.41,  MAWS dated:28.02.2019.
8. Area of Nagercoil City Municipal Corporation : 49.10

Population of the Corporation (As per 2011 Census) 



: 260315

: 127480     

: 132835

10. No. of Wards : 52

Location of Nagercoil:

                           Nagercoil is the southern-most town of India, is situated at 18 Kms North-West of Cape Comerin, the land end of India. By road it is almost equidistant from Triunelveli in the north-east (78 Kms) and Trivandrum on North West (72 Kms).
                            The Town’s average altitude is 46 metres above mean sea level. The proximity of sea, the dwindling height of its western-ghats and the two monsoon winds make the climate a pleasant one.

Nagercoil Local Planning Authority (NLPA)

                            Nagercoil Local Planning Authority was constituted under the Town and Country Planning. Act.1971 during the year 1993. The Authority consist District Collector as Chairman, Assistant Director of Town and Country Planning as Member Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Local Authority and other nominated representatives as Member. Ever Since the constitution of the Authority, the Authority is functioning as under the Town and Country Planning Act. The Main role of the Authority contemplated under the Town and Country Planning Act. The main role of the Authority is to ensure controlled, sustainable development of the area for which the Authority of prepare Master plan, Detailed Development Plans as contemplated under the Town and country planning Act and notify the plans as per the procedures laid down under the Act rules. Apart from the preparation of plans, the Authority issues plan as per the procedures laid down under the Act rules. Apart from the preparation of plans, the Authority issues approved permission for the construction of various buildings and for the development lands such as layouts etc.

The following local bodies are covered under Nagercoil Local Planning Authority

1. Nagercoil City Municipal Corporation


1. Sunchindrum (HACA)
2. Theroor (HACA)
3. Aloor (HACA)
4. Puthalam
5. Thengamputhur
6. Ganapathipuram

Village Panchayat

1. Kaniyakulam (HACA)
2. Dharmapuram
3. Rajakkamangalam
4. Ramapuram (HACA)
5. Therekalputhur
6. Beemanagari
7. Thirupathisaram
8. Athikattuvilai
9. Elluvilai
10. Melakrishnanputhur
11. Pallamthurai
12. Parakkai
13. Kesavanputhanthurai
14. Putheri (HACA)
15. Manakudy


i). Master Plan

                               Initially the Master Plan was consented vide G.O.Ms.No.366 H & UD Dept. dt.11.04.85 under section 24 and approved under section 28 vide G.O.Ms.No.198 H & UD Department dated.14.02.1991. Then the Master Plan was reviewed under section 32 and consented vide G.O.Ms.No.289 H & UD Department dated. 12.07.1999 and then approved vide G.O.Ms.No.213 H & UD Department dated.14.10.2008. This master plan is followed at present.

       i.   Land Use Schedule
       ii.  Maps Nagercoil Town

ii). Detailed Development (DD-Plan- Details)