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NAGERCOIL was formerly known as kottar before 200 years and later on attained the present name. It is an ancient and important commercial town in the southern most of Tamil Nadu located 19 K.M. north of Kanyakumari , 64 K.M. south of Trivandrum and 80 K.M. south west of Tirunelveli . As a residential town, Nagercoil is better suited than most of the towns in Tamil Nadu, having a good climate and water supply.

In 1894 when this town was under the erstwhile Travancore State, a Committee was formed mainly with Government officials to look after the conservancy and sanitation. In 1920 the Travancore District Municipalities Act was passed and Nagercoil was made a Municipal Town. In 1942 the Government of Travancore appointed a Commissioner as the Executive Authority for the Municipality. In 1947 the town was extended and upgraded as Ist grade Municipality by the Travancore Cochin Government. In 1956 this town was merged with the Government of Tamil Nadu and classified as IInd grade. The Tamil Nadu District Municipalities Act 1920 was extended to this Municipality from 01.04.1959, and this Municipality was upgraded as Ist grade Municipality from 01.04.1961, Selection grade Municipality from 12.10.1978 and now Special Grade Municipality with effect from 30.05.1988.

The Area of the Town is 24.27 squ. K.M. with a Population of 2,08,149. The Town is having four villages namely (1) Nagercoil Gramam (2) Vadiveeswaram Gramam, (3) Vadasery Gramam, (4) Neeanda Karai Gramam, etc

This Town is having 52 ward is declared by the Government Order.